Mess Free Masterpieces with Little Brian Paint Sticks

Day 9 of rain – Cabin fever is setting in. The children want to paint.
The thought of the mess is making me twitch. 5 more weeks to go…

Sound familiar?

Another wet summer holiday, the house has been taken over by the little people and things have gone awry as the wet weather sets in.

Like most 4-year-olds, Taylor loves painting. Ever since his first year at pre-school his creative side is ever increasing. I want to encourage this over summer before he starts reception, but can I handle the mess? Not just the paint itself, but getting it out. The pots, the brushes, the water; Which will inevitably be knocked over by the 1-year-old… No thank-you!

Taking this into consideration, so far this week we’ve painted approximately 32 pictures, and ‘treasure maps. And it was mess-free, almost. Thanks to Little Brian Paint Sticks.

We were sent a bucket of 20 Paint Sticks with a variety of colours which have kept Taylor busy creating his masterpieces.

As well as the Paint Sticks Bucket, we also received a 24 set of classic colours and metallic colours.

We also received the Paint Sticks Classic Art Station. The art station comes with 6 classic paint sticks and 6 chalk sticks. One side is used with paper, and the other is a blackboard which is perfect for the chalk sticks.

The art station has in-built pots to hold the paint sticks, a duster for the blackboard and 10 sheets of paper to get you started. The perfect way to begin your paint sticks journey, and perfect for travelling with!

We’ve used paint sticks before so when this lovely bundle arrived to kick start our summer I was relieved. Quite possibly the best activity we’ve had at home this summer that’s kept him occupied long enough for me to get things done. It’s fun for us all to join in with and all with minimal effort on setting up and tidy away.

Granted he did eventually realise you can still paint yourself with a paint stick, which led to him looking like a rainbow. Nothing a mid-day bath couldn’t fix. Another great way to pass time in the holidays.

Paint sticks can also be recycled once the paint has ran out and been removed, which with our current efforts to be more -eco-friendly puts them on my list of approved plastics 🙂  They’re non-toxic and fun everyone, even Harriet our 1-year-old has loved joining in.

Where to buy –

Paint Sticks are available to buy from Amazon and Argos

For your chance to win a Paint Sticks 20 Assortment Tub enter below, good luck!

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  • Catherine Gregory

    My son Noah would paint Mummy or a dinosaur

  • mawgen baber

    We love Little Brian paint sticks, and have the metallic set.

  • Marion Payne

    My grandchildren would probably paint members of the family, they are usually hilarious!

  • My children have tried these and loved them. They’d love a full range of colours to get arty with.

  • Lauren Price

    My daughter loves to paint but her work is mostly abstract at the moment

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