Lite•Brite Stranger Things Edition!

If you have teens at home this summer then the Lite•Brite stranger things edition is a great option to entertain them away from screens!

With 12 templates of icons images from all 4 seasons. We’ve had a blast creating them together!

Including the Demogorgon, the Stranger Things logo, the Upside Down, the “RUN” Christmas Lights and many more! Use one of 12 included templates or go wild with your imagination to create HD light art.

A favourite of ours to replicate here was the demogorgon!

Aimed at adults and children 14+ this edition has smaller pegs than the original Lite•Brite allowing more intricate designs to be created.

This toy comes with 650 mini-sized pegs in a variety of bright and eye-catching colours and an enhanced grid with 50% more holes to add more stunning HD detail to your peg art creations.

Of course the best part of Lite•Brite is once your image is complete and you illuminate it.

Bring your designs to life with a range of light modes, consisting of 4 colour-changing patterns – white light, alternating flash, all-flash and rotating flash!

The Stranger Things edition of Lite•Brite is a must for any budding fans, available to buy at Amazon it would make the perfect this Christmas!

Ours has had so much use already and of course you’re not just limited to creating strange things images. Get creative and let your imagination run wild!

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