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When we brought our little bundle home from the hospital he had that super soft baby skin, the kind you hear about on television ads for baby products. It was like silk.

Jump forward a couple of days and Taylor started to get horrendous dry flakey skin, the health visitor told us it was perfectly normal for newborns to experience this. It didn’t seem to bother him at all, but it didn’t look nice all over his tummy, arms, and legs.

I spent the following weeks applying a known brand baby moisturiser to these areas to no avail, it would calm down for a few hours while the product was on then reappear as soon as the moisture was gone.

When we were asked if we would like to try Kokoso 100% Natural Coconut oil I was really looking forward to seeing what it could do for T’s dry skin problem.

Kokoso was created by Lauren, a mummy who wanted a natural way to tackle dry baby skin!

The product comes in a branded box and wrapped in tissue paper to match the brand. This adds that extra personal touch to your order, I love this because it shows more thought and care has been given than that you receive from large retailers.

Kokoso retails for £7.99 and can be purchased at

-I love Kokoso-

I applied Kokoso to T’s dry skin after his bath and he loved it. He usually hates coming out of the bath as its chilly, but loved having a massage with the oil warmed by my hands.

Things we love about Kokoso –

♥ – Kokoso is made from nothing but 100% natural organic coconut oil making it safe for baby.
♥ – It can be used as a daily moisturiser, a baby massage oil, a bottom balm and so much more.
♥ – It’s great for mummy too!

I’m ready for my massage

As Kokoso is pure oil it comes solid in the container so you need to warm it up between your hands until it melts, its turns to a lovely smelling warm oil, since T was born I’ve also had some awful dry skin so I’ve been using it on myself, don’t tell T, he wants to keep it all for himself!

Overall the product has amazed me, since the first application T’s dry skin literally disappeared a week later with no further applications his skin was still perfect and the softest it has been in weeks. I’ve now started to give him a massage with the oil once a week after his bath and his skin is as perfect as the day he was born.

We love Kokoso!

Snuggled up after bath time

Kokoso retails for £7.99 and can be purchased at

  • These photo’s are adorable!! I have never heard of this product before but you make it sound lovely. Thanks for sharing. Jess x

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