Maintaining a tidy home with children - and the Tidy Books Sorting Box

Life with children is often far from organised, and as much as we lust after those Pinterest worthy minimalist spaces in our home, they’re often impossible to achieve.

Children aren’t interested if their toys are tucked away neatly in the sitting room. So long as they can get to them, storage isn’t their priority. But it certainly is ours!

Since moving house I’ve wanted to utilise the space we have and keep it looking clean and modern. Is that even possible with a 2-year-old?

It is now.

We’ve been trying the Tidy Books Sorting Box. A storage solution like no other.

We’re already huge fans of the Tidy Books family, our bookcase being a favourite of mine. So I already had high expectations for this product.

Building the sorting boxes is simple, a few screws are all it takes. Always a positive in my eyes. They’re strong, sturdy, and best of all they look great.


The boxes are sold as singular pieces for £59 with lids also sold separately at £12. This allows you to create your own perfect combination for your designated space. Whether you want to stack them or have multiple boxes, the choice is yours. Theirs also a great selection of colours. Natural, white and greys to fit your home.

We have two boxes and one lid. This combination makes the perfect bedside table for a kids room or side table for the sitting room/playroom. We chose light and dark grey which looks great together.

I had intended to use our boxes in the sitting room for a clean and modern storage solution. But they looked perfect in Little Foxe’s bedroom and soon became his bedside table.

Each box comes with 3 inserts to make organising those tiny toys easy. I use ours to separate the bits and bobs that used to linger at the bottom of the toy baskets. Now they’re separated and easy to access. So easy that they now see daily play action which never happened before.

The boxes are lightweight and little fox can lift the top one off by himself. This allows him to independently access his toys without my help, and tidy them away after.

When toys aren’t being played with our Sorting boxes look like a modern bedside table. Housing the baby monitor, nightlight and his water at bedtime, you’d never tell how much they’re hiding inside!

As we upgrade little foxes bedroom over the next few months to prepare for our new arrival the boxes will stay in his room. With their clean and modern design in stylish colours, they’re a perfect match for the modern home and will fit with his new furniture too. I’d put them in every room of the house if I could.

Find out more and purchase your own Sorting Boxes in time for the Christmas toy carnage at

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