Introducing the new PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Toy Collection

We’re back with another PJ Masks review, and it the words of a 3-year-old it’s

“Soooo Cool!!”

We’ve been sent a great selection of the new PJ Masks toys ready to host our very own PJ Masks Party. 🎉 I’m not sure who is more excited, me or the children?!

► You can join in the fun too over on Twitter on the 17th October at 1pm. Be there, or be a ninjalino. ◄

Ahead of the party fun Taylor was tasked with putting the new Super Moon HQ and Rocket HQ to the test. Of course, this request was well received. I don’t think he’s ever gotten changed from school so fast in his life when he realised they had arrived. 

The Super Moon HQ Play Set currently retails for £49.99 – The perfect place to house your figures and while away the hours reenacting your favourite moments from the TV Series.

Taylor has the original Deluxe PJ Masks Headquarters and has played with it daily for the last year. However, in his words, the new Super Moon HQ is “Better, and does more”

The new HQ takes less than 5 minutes to assemble and is comprised of 3 floors.  Select your mission at the lights and sounds control panel, deflect attacks with the Gekko shield, spin down the corkscrew pole, use the feather dart shooter to fend off villains, or use the trap door to catch them.

With 4 accessories, 2 figures (Cat Boy and Romeo) and batteries all included, we were ready play straight out of the box. They’ve even put the stickers on for us. I love a toy that comes with very little assembly especially when there are no stickers to apply! They end up straight when you have a 3-year-old attempting to play with the toy at the same time. 

Taylor has found the HQ really fun and easy to play with, he can put the characters on the corkscrew pole by himself, which is great because the older HQ required me to put them in and out of lift 500 times a day as he couldn’t get them in or move it without help. His favourite features are the feather shooter and the jail because shooting things and locking up the bad guys is the best!

Overall we really like the new HQ it’s more user friendly than previous models, smaller in size and does more!

Another new addition to this year’s collection is the Rocket HQ, featuring lights and sounds you can blast off on a mission, into the night to save the day! With a drop-down ramp revealing geckos space rover!

With seats for all 3 PJ Masks saving the day can now happen anywhere!

To add to the fun we’ve also been using the Deluxe Figure set which really completes any of the playsets, allowing children to recreate scenes with all of their favourite PJ Masks friends!

Now we’ve put these to the test we’re preparing for our party! On Wednesday the 17th October between 1:00pm and 3:00pm we’ll be over on twitter alongside UK Mums TV. There will be opportunities to win some of the range for your little Heroes and lots of fun games taking place.

Make sure you join in and use the hashtag

#PJMasksToys !

We’ll be sharing pictures of Super Moon HQ and Rocket HQ in action as well as all of the below as we partake in some exciting PJ Masks party games!

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