Review: The grohush Baby Calmer

The grohush baby calmer is a white noise generator from The Gro Company.

Designed specifically to calm your baby, the gro hush comes in a handy clear plastic case with a removable and washable cover, it has three noise settings all set to a baby safe volume. One to mimic mummys heartbeat, as babies are used to this sound from being in the womb, calming raindrops on a tin roof and whooshing ocean waves.

Using three AAA batteries you simply select the sound option your baby prefers and hold the grohush against their ear. Thr calming sounds transmitted by the grohush can only be heard when held to your ears which enables you to calm your baby without disturbing others, it’s also small and portable so you can calm your little one on the go.


We put the grohush to the test with baby T over the weekend during an attempt to take some nice photos of baby boy to share with family, T decided he’d had enough and boy did he let us know about it!

This was a prime opportunity to try and calm him with our new device.


Initially he wasn’t too convinced and was still kicking off, I tested the device on all 3 sound options and found that T’s preferred option is the rain. This came as no surprise as he loves snoozing outside of the shower cubicle in the morning, who said new mums don’t have time to shower?


Once we had the right setting for him I was amazed to see that he actually started to calm down! It wasn’t an instant miracle worker and he still had a few strops, however he gradually started to tune out everything in the room and really focus on the grohush allowing me to take more pictures of him. The grohush alone might not calm your baby instantly, some babies require a combination such as being rocked or having a soother/dummy to suck on but when combined with these you’ll be amazed at what it can achieve, we used the grohush while cuddling and gained the results we had hoped for.

T is three weeks old and has since fallen asleep to the sound of the grohush baby calmer by having it lay next to him while settling in his bed. Before using the grohush you must make sure your baby isn’t crying because they require feeding/changing or simply a great big cuddle from mummy and daddy, otherwise you’ll have one very agitated tiny person!

I tried using the grohush during his first week at home and he didn’t respond to it, now he is a couple of weeks older it seems to be taking affect in calming him and we will continue to use it for as long as it will soothe him. It would seem that white noise is something T responds to at the moment, not all babies will respond to this type of calming device but for those that do it’s a fantastic product.

The grohush retails for £35.99 and you can buy it directly from the gro company.

Do you have any special ways to help calm and soother your little one? We would love to know!


A happy and content baby after being calmed with the grohush!


– We were sent the grohush baby calmer in exchange for an honest review – all opinions are my own –

  • This sounds like a godsend! I know that when our new baby arrives I won’t have all the time in the world to rock/sway/shushshshshs him to sleep like I did with his older sister, as I will be having to keep her happy too!
    T really is a cutie pie too!

  • I have seen a few reviews for these and they sound amazing! I could of done with one of these when my girls were little x

  • This is really interesting, we have used white noise with both our babies and have actually used a white noise generator app on our phones. We couldn;t have survived the early weeks without that but I do really like the idea of the ability that noone else can hear it – I have been given some very funny looks with the babies in a pram with white noise helping them stay asleep! Also hubs and I could barely speak to each other when one of us had the baby and the white noise app so this does sound very very useful! xx #triedtested

  • I went to see the Gro-hush when it was in development and remember being really impressed. I am glad to hear it is working for your gorgeous little one! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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