First Baby Shoes

First Baby Shoes is a Polish brand creating high quality, cool and stylish baby shoe making kits. When asked if I would like to try some of their shoes I jumped at the opportunity to try their gorgeous sew your own kit. There is also an option to have the shoes made for you, however being up for a challenge I opted for the sew-your-own in the Nika Design which retails at 35 EUR (Kit) £25.24 / 40 EUR £28.85 (Ready Made) and comes in a really cute presentation box.


The kit comes with pre-cut leather pieces, needles, threads and instructions so you can stitch together your very own baby shoes, imagine when people ask where you got those cute leather shoes from and you can honestly tell people you sewn them yourself? I wanted that, I also loved the idea of being able to put them away in Taylor’s little memory box knowing they’re just that bit more special than any other shoes he might own. I have the needle holes in my fingers to prove it!


Overall the kit is rather simple to put together, unless however you’re a true novice with a needle and thread like I am. Back stitch, what’s that? Well now I know, also thanks to the great video tutorials they provide on their website. Without these on hand to accompany me on my sewing endeavours I probably would have given the whole task the boot. 😉


Once I’d cracked the double loop and back stitch I was away sewing my little shoesies and found it to be quite therapeutic. I received many comments and nods of approval whilst sewing the shoes on the bus too.


Overall I really liked the kit, it would make the perfect gift for a christening or mum-to-be. This would be a really nice little project whilst pregnant and nesting, trying to sew shoes with a 9 month old climbing all over wasn’t easy so I was mostly limited to evenings. The materials are high-quality with super soft leather and a nice solid sole for learning to walk on, I was concerned they may not hold together well but having completed the kit they feel really robust and as good as any pre-made shoes.

The finished shoes look great, and I’m so proud having put them together myself! They’re on the big side at the moment as Taylor is only 9 months old and not yet walking but they will be perfect when he’s ready to take those first steps.

You can purchase your own First Baby Shoes at let me know if you give them a try, I’m obviously now a back stitching pro too and will answer any questions I can.




  • That’s amazing DIY baby shoes.I bet Taylor would love that. You did a fantastic job putting them together. And actually this product is fantastic gift for new mothers

    • Lisa – LeeLeeLoves

      Thank you Ana, I think they would be a great gift!

  • Joanna

    That’s amazing I think it would make a fab gift for crafty mums think I would have to have ones made up for me as not very good at this kind of thing.

    • Lisa – LeeLeeLoves

      Nor am I Joanne but honestly, after a few attempts, it wasn’t that hard at all. I’m surprised I opted for the kit and glad I challenged myself. Xx

  • rachael butler

    amazing idea, love the shoes!

    • Lisa – LeeLeeLoves

      Certainly something that would have kept me entertained in the last weeks of pregnancy and a really cute gift. I’m officially a shoe making elf, it should be a qualification! Xx

  • Sarah Golding

    They look so pretty and love that they’re extra special as you made them. With a 9 month old myself I’m impressed you found the time to do it!

    • Lisa – LeeLeeLoves

      It took patience, and I admit I stayed up until 1am finishing them. That’s dedication haha. I tried doing them in the day but Taylor just really wasn’t allowing for it. I hope he appreciates my efforts 😉 Xx

  • Angela Milnes

    how cool is this! I’m well impressed. I’ve never heard of this before but it’s a fab idea and something you can say you did yourself! 🙂 Angela x

    • Lisa – LeeLeeLoves

      I’m amazed I did it Angela, I nearly gave up numerous times! Xx

  • These shoes are so cute! I’m really impressed that you made them, well done! You will be so proud when Taylor is older & walking around in shoes you made him 🙂 x

    • Lisa – LeeLeeLoves

      The thought of Taylor walking, my goodness! It will be cute seeing him walk in his shoes though. 🙂 Xx

  • This is such a lovely idea, and the cutest little shoes! You’re right, it would make a perfect baby shower gift. And such a special keepsake x

    • Lisa – LeeLeeLoves

      Definitely, I hadn’t seen anything like it before. It’s different and gives a sense of pride once you’ve done it! Xx

  • Zena’s Suitcase

    Wow, I really love this idea. Wouldn’t it be great to say you made your child’s first pair of shoes. It would make a great keep sake

    • Lisa – LeeLeeLoves

      I think it’s a lovely idea, certainly an item that I’ll be keeping in his little box once he’s used them 🙂 Xx

  • Oh, these are so perfect! They’ll definitely be something great to look back on when he’s older. I imagine not many can say their first shoes were made by their mum!

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