Review: Breastfeeding with Bibee

If you followed my pregnancy updates you’ll know how much I loved Bibee dresses and tunics, the versatile clothing that can take you from pregnancy through to breastfeeding making them value for money compared to clothing that only caters for one or the other.

Now Taylor is here I’ve finally had the opportunity to put the feeding element of Bibee to the test using the Bibee tunic, I’ve been breastfeeding for four weeks now and if theirs one thing I know its that you need easy access. It doesn’t matter how many times you say “one minute” or “nearly there” to a screaming baby who wants his milk, he wants it now. Being able to have instant access without removing layers is essential.

I’ve found Bibee to be fantastic for feeding so far, not only is it really fast and simple to gain access via the button on Bibee cover whilst keeping the rest of you covered up, this means you don’t need to layer up on clothing. At the moment I wear vests under my old tops so I can lift one layer up, it’s not so bad during winter but I can’t see this being ideal once warmer weather sets in.

The Bibee Dresses and Tunics are my favourite for discreet feeding, they’re so simple to use and you can’t see a thing. Ā It just looks like I’m cuddling baby T when he is actually feeding, nobody can see anything as the tunic doesn’t look any different and there aren’t any layers being removed. The covering up element gives me more confidence to feed in front of others.

The Tunics are my favourite from the Bibee range as they go well over jeans and leggings, and don’t look like breastfeeding tops. I’ve been finding it really hard to find clothing that is made for this purpose without looking frumpy or in younger styles that I would want to wear.

It’s amazing to think this is the same tunic I was wearing here when I was 38 weeks pregnant and it still looks great minus the bump. I’ll definitely be keeping these for when T needs a sibling. I’m missing my bump so much! Lets get the hang of having the one baby for now šŸ˜‰

You can purchase your own Bibee Dresses atĀĀ or by clicking on any of the images within this post.

As a BibeeĀ ambassadorĀ Iā€™m pleased to offer all of my readers 15% off of Bibee dresses! Just use the code ā€˜lee leeā€™ at the checkout to receive your discount + free p&p!



  • That looks and sounds fantastic. Practical and very flattering too x

  • I love versatile maternity clothing – it justifies the expense of items that you might only get a year’s wear from. It sounds like a great range #TriedTested

  • I have heard a lot of good things about Bibee dresses, I might have to get a couple for feeding this little one when it arrives! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  • You look fab. I always found it so hard to get the right clothes for feeding but this looks great.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested x

  • This looks great, you certainly can’t tell that you’re feeding.
    Hard to believe that it is the same tunic as when you were pregnant.

    Leanne – A Slice of My Life

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