Baby wearing with the Close Caboo

Babywearing isn’t something I’ve ever been a huge fan of. That’s not to say I didn’t always want to be one of those mums who breezes through the village with a baby strapped to her chest looking like she’s winning at life! Imagine all that freedom. The ability to use your arms and keep a hold of your toddler as they try to run away without pushing a pram… Sounds nice, right?

My trouble with babywearing is mostly because I’ve always found it to be a bit of a faff.
We had a sturdy carrier when Taylor was a baby. The kind with buckles and clips for fastening and we got on okay with it. I also tried a wrap with him, after many failed attempts to use it. I gave up.

Jump ahead 3 years and  I had the task of taking Taylor to nursery each day with a baby in tow. With steps to the entrance and nowhere for prams, the nursery run was becoming a problem.

When I was asked if we’d like to try the Close Caboo I decided we’d give it a shot.  Maybe it would be easier this time around? Leaving my pram unattended on the street twice a day whilst carrying an often sleeping newborn inside each day wasn’t ideal and I hoped this was going to help solve that.

The close caboo isn’t like any other carrier I’d ever tried before. It’s a nice happy medium between the big bulky clip carriers and the confusing fabric wraps. It has more shape and structure to it than a wrap but it softer and stretchier than a bulky carrier. It’s a very nice happy-medium that’s comfortable to wear.

Things we love about the Close Caboo –

  • Soft and durable
  • Range of colours & designs
  • Ease of use
  • Outer layer doubles as a pocket to store carrier inside
  • Comfort

I really liked using the wrap in the newborn days as I felt Harriet was safe and cosy and as the brand suggests, Close. She was tucked up against me snugly, like a constant hug, and felt very secure. This allowed me to do day-to-day tasks with Taylor and not worry about carrying her around.

As a newbie to the word of soft baby carriers I found the Caboo simple to use, I did follow an instructional video from the brand themselves via the website. Which was a huge help.

Once wrapping it around yourself you simply slip baby in from the top, tighten the straps around them, and you’re off. My previous experiences with stretchy wraps have been akin to that of somebody tangled up in a 15ft winter scarf. It was messy. I had my reservations before trying the Close Caboo and I’m pleased to say I needn’t have worried.

Ranging between £40-£60 I think the wrap is reasonably priced, the quality is really nice and I’d pay £60 just for the ease of use it provides when compared to less structured carriers.

You can purchase the Close Caboo carrier online at – We were sent this carrier in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are our own.

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