Ways to save money on baby essentials

Having a baby can be expensive, especially if it’s your first. Or if you decided not to hang onto everything from previous babies.

Babies don’t need huge amounts, a lot of them are ‘nice to have’ but not essential. Of course, you could always take out a quick loan in times of need and indulge in those nice to have items you’ve been lusting over… But as a long-term solution, it’s best to plan ahead and save where possible. Here are 5 ways you can save money whilst preparing for your new arrival.

How can I save?

Buy in bulk – This may seem like you’re spending more but the overall savings are greater. Buying those newborn nappies in wipes in bulk will save money overall. Just make sure you don’t overbuy in one size as they do grow quickly!

Utilise second-hand shops and nearly new sales – Visiting a local nearly new sale often held by NCT is a great way to find essentials. Not just clothes but toys, furniture and most baby essentials in fantastic condition for great prices.

Cloth nappies – Although the initial outlay can be steep cloth nappies can save you a fortune over the average course of around 3 years that your little one will be wearing them. They’re not a yucky as people imagine and are actually quite addictive. You’ll find yourself lusting over all of the latest prints! We tried various styles and brand before sticking to TotsBots which who provided the right ease of use and fit for us.

Libraries / Try before you buy – Before heading out to spend a fortune on your first set of cloth nappies or a sling look for your local library. You can often try a few types/brands at a nappy library before shelling out the cost on your own. Sling libraries are also fantastic, slings and carriers can cost upwards of £100 so it’s best to find one that you’re happy with first.

Shop the sale – Baby events are held by supermarkets at intervals throughout the year. They often sell everything from clothing and nappies to bottles at a reduced cost. Your newborn won’t need a lot but saving on the things you do need will make a difference. Also look out for voucher codes and online savings using websites such as Dealsqueen and hot discount code, looking for the right codes before committing to an online purchase can often mean big savings.

Be practical – Think long term. If your changing table is nothing but that, maybe it’s worth getting one that combines as a chest of drawers? You’ll get more long time use out of this. The same goes for cots and cot beds. We found multi-purpose furniture is more useful in the long term. Shop around for bargains on sets or even pick a pre-owned set!

These are just a few ways you can save on baby essentials. Be practical, don’t let your judgment be clouded and you’re sure to pick up some bargains before your little one arrives.

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