Medela Swing Single Electric Breast Pump Giveaway

The most personal journey we have shared with our readers isn’t that of becoming first time parents, but choosing to share our breastfeeding journey. For those of you who followed our pregnancy journey, you may have seen my posts about the Hopes Fears and Expectations of Breastfeeding or the initial thoughts on Nursing a Newborn.

Fortunately for Taylor and I, we took to breastfeeding really well. Granted, it wasn’t a breeze but it also wasn’t so intense that I would give up. After seven months, it is now the most natural thing in world! So natural that I barely need to think about what I’m doing.

One product that has really helped us on our journey, aside from a supportive partner and Taylors cooperation, is the Medela Swing Single Electric Breast Pump. This superb product has allowed me to express milk so that we are able to leave Taylor for a couple of hours with his Grandparents whilst I focus on my driving lessons and even enjoy a date night or two – which is amazing!

To help celebrate and support breastfeeding mums out there, we’re excited to be able to give you the chance to WIN one for yourself. To enter, following the instructions provided in the contest box below.

Medela Swing

This is truly an amazing prize for any new mum, as the Medela Swing Single Electric Breast Pump currently retails for £134.99 and is an essential purchase for any parent considering breastfeeding.


If you’d like to know more about the pump, you can read our full review. Please share our latest competition with any new or expectant parents you might know and best of luck! Xx

To shop the full range of Medela products including the Swing single pump and the Swing Maxi Double Pump, we recommend Amazon UK, where the single pump is currently on offer for £109.99. Buy Medela products on Amazon UK.

  • Tracy K Nixon

    This would be useful to my sister-in-law when my new neice or nephew arrives. She will be breastfeeding and it would be great for her when she goes back to work too. I had a breast pump when I was breast feeding and it was so useful!

  • Nicki Evans

    This would be amazing as I am due my first baby in a week and a half! I plan to breastfeed and would like to be able to pump sometimes so that daddy can get involved with the feeding and I can get a couple of hours to myself.

  • Love this pump wanted one for so long but couldn’t afford it. Great post x

  • Katy Bisset

    I exclusively pump as my little boy can’t latch. I would love a second/backup pump for work or in case my double pump dies on me – it’s pretty old and creaky!

  • Nic

    I exclusively pump as my 8 month old was born prematurely and can’t latch. This pump would make things far easier out and about.

  • Kate Leatherpants

    I breast feed my 7 month old and expressed every morning for her to have with her dinner on the evening. She no longer needs this and my old pump broke. We have another on the way so would like to do the same so this pump would be great.

  • Joanna Powała

    Heard all good recommendations about this pump. I have a 15 months toddler and I’m 30 weeks pregnant. I would love to win this pump.

  • Kat Glynn

    My very good frend is having a baby in October, and this would be great for her! x

  • Lyn Bosomworth

    would be handy for my niece

  • My best mate Claire

  • Naomi Dooley

    Would love a medela for myself as I need a quality pump for my second baby-currently a bump! Used a medela in hospital with my first and it was FANTASTIC!

  • Nichole @Budget Loving Militar

    I am expecting our first baby in February and this Medela Swing pump would be perfect because I plan to breast feed and this would be very useful when I go back to work!

  • Carly Mugulday

    I have heard medela pumps to be the best and i would love to try it for myself due in October

  • Amanda

    This would be perfect for when i go back to work 🙂

  • maria hackett

    im expecting twins and due on Christmas day, this would be absolutely wonderful when I start work next year. Thank you

  • Cassie

    would be great since we’re expecting our little one

  • Stephney

    Excellent post x I’ve got this all ahead of me x

  • kayleigh bates

    I used a medela swing for my little girl but as she was premature and I exclusively expressed it ended up dying on me, this would be for my sister whos expecting her first x

  • This would be great to put away until after Christmas, when we start trying for little monster number 2

  • Kirsty Fox

    This would be for my sister in law who is expecting a baby in January

  • Claire Woods

    Anything that makes life easier would be good.

  • Samantha Loughlin

    My sister I law has just had a baby and is talking about getting one xx

  • Christina Curtis

    Would make life easier and perfect for when we have our first

  • Spizmo91

    Would love to breastfeed when my first arrives! This will make life a lot easier 🙂 Great competition – thanks for running!

  • Fingers crossed for me!

  • Rebecca Lis

    This would be great, I’m due our second in November and know how good these are from breastfeeding my first

  • Lizzy Cooper

    I’ve always hand pumped so this would be muuuuch easier!

  • Aimee Smallman

    I have just starting to pump breast milk to so that I can enjoy quality time with my two preschoolers so an electric pump would make my life so much easier and my baby boy would still get the best nutrition for him.

  • id love this for my friend

  • Kelandab

    I’d would be fab for my friend, she’s been talking about how she’s going to feed baby when it’s born so this should give her more options

  • Anna Davison

    I’ve got a 4 month old little girl and we are still struggling with breastfeeding 🙁 it was pretty easy with my first after a few weeks but Emily is so different!! This pump would be so useful as mine is on its last legs!

  • Rebecca Smith

    This is by far the best branded pump ever, all different varieties for different needscant get better

  • Claire Ann Stewart

    Would be handy for my next

  • Kat Lucas

    My sister is expecting and it would be so helpful to her and such a top notch product that is not all fiddly

  • Karen Cowley

    Would be amazing, i am due my first any day now and this would be such a help x

  • Carenza Hazelton

    Having this pump would mean that I could express and allow my husband to have the joy of bonding over feeding and it would also allow us to enjoy a night or two away from the baby which is invaluable.

  • Cat

    Have heard great things about this pump, would make something that I do find a bit daunting a whole lot easier

  • Teresa Compton

    Only ever had a manual pump with my other children, would love to have one of these. 🙂

  • LazyRunner

    After such an awful BF experience with my first due to tongue tie, jaundice etc I have been upset ever since in my decision to stop. I think if I’d had one of these pumps it would have encouraged me to keep my supply going whilst giving my body chance to heal. This would be amazing to have for my next baby and will hopefully reconcile all the negative feelings I have

  • Melanie Horbury

    I would love it so it will give me some freedom and help my partner enjoy the process

  • Clare Hubbard

    Anything that helps save time expressing would be fantastic, allowing me to spend more time with my sons and allowing daddy to help more with feeding.

  • Trevor Jones

    Would be a great present for my wife, Janine.

  • Claire Hackett

    Having borrowed one in the past it would be amazing to have my own xx

  • Fiona G

    Thank you for this review. Looks like a great product to help mums get some flexibility to feeding the little ones

  • SarahB19

    I’ve been recommended this pump by everyone but sadly with everything else I have to buy for baby I can’t afford the extra expense! I would love to have this so my husband can bond with our little one for night feeds xx

  • IlonaRN

    I’m about to have my first baby, and hope to breastfeed – but would still love to express so that my bf can feed the baby too.

  • Natalie Russell

    Fabulous breast pump, would love one of these! I used a manual pump with my daughter but would be so much easier with an electric one and I am due in 4 days!

  • Jem1

    I’d love one if these pumps, but just can’t afford to buy one right now. I plan to express and breastfeed my 2nd child, so one if these would be mighty useful!

  • Natalie Crossan

    The freedom it’d give my breast feeding best friend would be great x

  • Amy Mukja

    I would love to win this as a FTM I am nervous breast feeding will be a struggle but it is what I want to do for my unborn baby. Having a breast pump that is do highly recommended by everyone as a back up to allow me to express would definitely lighten the stress.

  • Katie

    Another FTM here. Heard good things about this product and have soooo much to buy at the moment. Would be fab to win!

  • disqus_LUrsYvT5Cf

    STM. After really struggling with bf and pumping with my first 6 years later I’m really keen to make it work. Unfortunately will be going back to uni 2 weeks after babies due and any help with achieving success with expressing would be gratefully appreciated. Laura x

  • Lucy M

    What a lovely gesture! Hoping my new bubba takes just as easy when he or she arrives! Lovely stories here xxx

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