Pregnancy Update: Week 31- Let the Cramp Commence

This week Baby C is as big a Romain lettuce and weighs as much as a coconut. I’m definitely noticing a difference this week as he has spent much of it digging into my ribs all day long, he’s very active and likes to squirm lots!

We’re still stretch-mark free which is great but since getting bigger I’ve had to buy a couple of new stretchy tops – This fab cat print top was 25% off at Sainsbury’s and amazingly a regular size 8, like I said, stretchy! This means it will still be of use when I no longer have a bump which is brilliant as I’ve been put off spending too much money on clothing especially if it won’t be of use for very long after.


On Tuesday we had a midwife appointment and everything measured correctly so that good to hear, I also heard the heartbeat on the doppler which is always nice. The midwife had to take my blood again as the batch they took 2 weeks prior got lost inside the shoot at the hospital… Madness! My blood is now floating around the delivery tube system of the hospital somewhere.


This week I’ve been experiencing horrible cramp in my legs during the night which is keeping me awake, hence why I now look like a beady eyed zombie! This just adds to the 5 times a night I now wake up to pee, it’s getting more glamorous by the week. I’ve been using this time to catch up on my reading at 3am when I can’t get back to sleep, it’s like I’m being trained for whats to come and as somebody who could sleep for days I think I need it.

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