Four months and thriving! - A baby H update

The days are long but the years are short. And this couldn’t be truer when it comes to babies.

In the midst of that newborn haze it’s easy to get lost in a sea of dirty nappies, spit up and screams. The days can feel long, yet you find yourself questioning what you actually did with that day. Before you know it your tiny newborn is 4 months old. Their hands and feet have almost doubled in size. Their face is fuller. They’ve lost that wide eyed wrinkley newborn look. Where did the time go?

Our baby girl is fast asleep next to me as I write this and I’m finding it hard to believe she’s 4 months old already. I feel guilty for letting these months pass us by without taking the time to do things the same way I did with her brother.

When Fox was born I wrote weekly updates on his development and took tens of thousands of pictures. This time I find myself so consumed by simple daily tasks of running a house with 2 children and taking pictures hasn’t been a priority.

The first 6 weeks of Dollys life I spent adjusting after an unexpected cesarian. Trying to stop Fox from being too rough with her and making sure he wasn’t feeling left out. But now we’re in a much better place, we have some form of routine going and a lot to share. So let us begin…

At four months old Dolly weighs 11lb 7oz. She’s done incredibly well considering her 5lb starting point. In this time we’ve packed away her tiny baby and up to 5lb clothes. We’re about to put up to 1 month and a few newborn items away too. We’re almost in 0-3 month sleepsuits.

In these 4 months we’ve had 3 hospital admissions. Looking back this could heavily contribute to my inability to document everything from these first few months. It hasn’t been the easiest of starts. Being away from home and worrying about her constantly. Up until Harriet arrived I’d never been away from Fox overnight, not once in 3 years.  Now I’ve had recurring hospital stays with his sister and it hasn’t been easy.

Having fought off jaundice, bronchiolitis, a URTI Infection and meningitis It’s safe to say she is one tough cookie.

Meningitis wasn’t something I ever imagined I would hear in regards to my children. It’s safe to say these 4 months have really tested us as parents and as a family. But we’ve taken it all in our stride and she’s worth it all.

Four Months of Harriet.

Four months of magic.

Four months of change.

Four months of emotion.

Four months of love.

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