Finding time to be 'me' and not just mummy!

Being a parent can be the most rewarding job in the world, it can also be the most stressful. Two years into the parent life I’ve found it’s easy to lose yourself, and your identity. It feels like you’ve lost who you were pre-parenthood.

It’s not easy to find time to be yourself, not with children in the mix. But I’ve realised it’s important at least to try!

I’m making it my mission to make time for me. Which will probably start with the little things.

I’d love nothing more than getting together with friends and booking in some much-needed pampering for ourselves. Think spa day or girls holiday… I’ve never done either of these things but the thought alone is relaxing! Maybe when the children are older I can look at spa days in Cheshire. Until then, it’s the water parks for me!

With two little ones, I doubt embarking on a journey of self-discovery is practical, but I can try.

Starting small I’m challenging myself to make time to read again. That’s right, just the simple task of reading a good book. Something I did frequently pre-parenthood. I was a book blogger, I used to read 8 books in a month. I loved it. Over the last two years, I haven’t scratched that! It might only be 10 minutes before bed but it’s 10 minutes more than I’ve been reading up to now! It’s easy to pass time scrolling through social networks, but I’d get more enjoyment out of a good book.

Baths are another thing I think about but never do, that does not say I’m a smelly Nelly! I do shower each day. I just don’t indulge in the luxury of a soak in a tub full of bubbles or a luxury face mask. Maybe I should? I’ve had some Lush bath bombs in a drawer for months, I’ve waited so long Little Fox has started using them! I’ve also been eyeing up Origins masks and moisturiser for a while now. Thanks, beauty vloggers, that social influencer lark we do for a living sure does work! I may pop them on my Christmas list.

Admittedly these are little things, but ultimately that gives me more chance of succeeding. Taking just 10 minutes here or there to be me. A small moment out of a busy day has to be beneficial compared to nothing!

What do you to take time out for yourself? I’d love to know and see if I’m missing out on anything.

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