Common health conditions during pregnancy, and how to treat them!

During pregnancy, women can experience various health conditions. From Anemia to Pre-Eclampsia. Some conditions are more common than others, and some are easily treatable.

Something I experienced during both of my pregnancies was low blood pressure and anaemia.
Many health conditions during pregnancy are treatable although the worst for me was low blood pressure, also known as hypotension. Which my health visitor and GP could do nothing for.

Imagine being in the supermarket or at the park with your 3 old, you’re 6 months pregnant and suddenly you feel faint,  everything starts to go black… This happened to me multiple times during my second pregnancy. My GP advised if I felt light-headed or like I might pass out to sit with my head between my knees or lay down. That’s easily said, but if you’re in the middle of a supermarket with a 3-year-old you’re not going to just lie down, are you?

I found keeping a bottle of cold water with me really helped. I also had to remind myself to slow down! The simplest of things, such as standing up too quickly, could cause me to feel faint and subsequently blackout.

Suddenly my 3-year-olds slow walking wasn’t an issue for me, I wanted to keep at his pace, and it helped. Until he’d decide to run off and I’d have to run after him.
Thankfully the Anemia was easily treated with Iron supplements and boosted my energy levels throughout my pregnancy. I had to continue taking them for a few months after and found them to be really helpful!

Pregnancy also really spurred me on to look at my body health and what I was was putting into my body. Were the things I was eating really good for me?

During pregnancy i’ve always been put off meat and nutritional testing shows we don’t need to eat meat to be healthy and look after our bodies. Quite the opposite, we recently watched a documentary on this and blood tested after consuming meat is cloudy and fatty compared to that of somebody on a vegan diet.

That’s not to say I’d go vegan but I have been focusing on and enjoy a vegetarian diet just like I did during pregnancy and felt good for it!.

What to do if you experience health conditions during pregnancy –

If you’re experiencing any health issues pre 0r postpartum whether it be physical or mental, speak to your Health Visitor or GP as they may be able to help. Just because you’re pregnant or had a baby recently doesn’t mean it’s normal to feel run down or in pain all of the time. There could be an underlying issue.

To find out more about the various health conditions you may experience during pregnancy head to Emma’s Diary!


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