5 things you might do differently in a second pregnancy

Did you do anything differently the second time around? Find yourself worrying less or notice time passing you by? It’s so strange, everything was focussed on the pregnancy the first time. Here are 5 things I’ve noticed that make a second pregnancy different to the first.

1. Forgetting you’re pregnant… –

I know, this sounds terrible! But it’s true. I have had moments where I’ve had to stop and remember I’m pregnant. In those early weeks with no movement and nausea free moments, you forget. Unlike my first pregnancy, my mind isn’t constantly focused on the cute little bundle of cells growing inside of me. I’m too busy answering to the demands of a 2-year-old to focus solely on what’s to come.

2. Worry less about the labour –

I haven’t found myself googling 5000 questions about child birth, yet. Because I’ve already experienced it. That doesn’t mean I’m not still scared though. It’s not a trip to Disney Land that’s for sure. This time I’m hoping to get the water birth I missed out on with Little Fox. I’ve also been looking into things like placenta encapsulation. I’ve also been reading about cord blood from this infographic by smart cells on stem cell collection at birth to later be used in the event of illness.

3. No napping –

With my first pregnancy I would come home from work, put my feet up and relax if it was a weekend I could even take a nap. Amazing! With a 2-year-old to care for, one who doesn’t nap, means there are no naps happening over here. We have probably watched more TV than recommended for a toddler though, just so I can sit and not do anything for a little while.

4. Overdoing it –

In line with forgetting you’re pregnant and having not napped, you may find after pushing your lump of a toddler uphill for 20 minutes you’ll be exhausted. So that’s what they mean by over doing it? I’m sure I never felt this exhausted the last time I was pregnant. Maybe that was because of the naps. Anyway, you’ll do things you wouldn’t have dared do in your first pregnancy. Like haul yourself into the ball pit at soft play to retrieve your child and find their toy car.

5. Feeling more prepared –

I’ve found myself feeling more relaxed about being ‘prepared’ for our arrival. This may be because we kept EVERYTHING from last time. Our garage could be a baby outlet. Aside from possibly needing some more clothes depending on gender, we’re all set! Being the pushchair addict I am though I will be saving for a new one. I’m thinking Buggaboo or iCandy. Maybe a Doona too. That’s the trouble, baby products are addictive!

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