Less time for laundry and more time for living! - A Samsung Tumble Dryer Review with AO.COM

They say when you have another baby your love grows, and they’re not wrong, my heart could burst with love for these mini humans. But your laundry basket grows more!

When you tell people you’re having a baby for the first time they’re quick to tell you what to expect. From sleepless nights to baby brain, everyone has something to say. A little nugget of advice that they feel you’d be oblivious to otherwise.

Because Harriet is our second baby people kept their advice to themselves. Thank god!

Surely we were pros by now? We’d been doing this gig for three years already.  We didn’t need their advice.

I already knew there would be a lot of changes to come. What I didn’t expect is for the biggest change of all to be laundry.

This little lady creates mountains of washing. I don’t recall her brother going through as many outfits as she does. Of course, we can probably blame it on the reflux, and the countless illnesses she’s had in her first few months of life. With 3 hospital admissions and plenty of bags packed It’s not her fault. But laundry in our house soon became a logistical nightmare. The washer dryer was taking up to 6 hours to complete one wash. The drying time felt like an eternity when waiting for sleepsuits and the basket grew with each passing day. That was until my drying prayers were answered.

Thanks to The Samsung A+++ DV90M82 tumble dryer my washing woes are now water under the bridge. Or laundry out of the basket in this case!

I can now dry a 9kg load in 1.5-2 hours, and whilst this happens another load is washing. My laundry basket has never been more empty!

With heat pump technology, it dries clothes to perfection. The sensor drying means that it works out how damp the clothes are and automatically works out the drying time accordingly. Which is an amazing feature as I haven’t had clothes shrinking from excess heat.

I have been known to dry clothes so much before that they come out 3 sizes smaller… Now I’m no longer at risk of over drying! It also has nifty features that I haven’t seen before such as a drying rack for shoes so they’re not banging about in the drum. Such a clever idea! And internal lights! I did question why you would need lights in your tumble dryer? But having spent time digging through the dryer before now for one item without wanting to remove everything, it makes perfect sense. The lights are a welcome feature.


So, if you’re about to embark on a multi-mini human journey by way of growing your family, or you already have a large family, or maybe you just want to dry your clothes at epic speed with care and precision? I’d recommend The Samsung A+++ DV90M82 tumble dryer in a heartbeat. You know you’re getting old when you get excited about appliances, well I’m just a little bit in love with my dryer. Anything that saves time as a parent is a welcome addition to the home.

Our laundry routine now consists of one wash per day, and one nappy wash a week. The machines run seamlessly in conjunction with one another and i no longer feel like huge chunks of my day are spent waiting around for washing! You can also hook th dryer up to Samsung app and the Washer and control them. So I be at toddler group with the little ones and opt to start or stop either machine and select any features as if I were there with the machine.

I’m winning at life when it comes to laundry, now If only the clothes could fold themselves!

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