Harriets Nursery Tour ft. BabyStyle, Vertbaudet and My Baby Mattress

Finally, it’s finished!!! The nursery is something we would usually decorate and have ready before the baby is even born.

Harriet was almost one by the time she moved into her room. So we will just call this room tour fashionably late. I can honestly say it was worth the wait. I love how it turned out and enjoy spending time there.

Mirror, Vertbaudet (gifted) – Chalkboard, Sass and belle – Dream sign, B&M

We were a lot more relaxed than the first time around when preparing for our second baby. We agreed we didn’t need to rush into making a nursery for our baby girl as we did for Taylor before he was born.

As much as I liked having everything prepared and in place, we knew it could wait until she was a little bigger and we didn’t need to rush.

When Taylor was a baby he had a 3 piece nursery set with a tiny wardrobe that wasn’t practical. And a changing table, which I insisted we needed. We didn’t.  It didn’t get used much and it wasn’t long before he was too big for it anyway.  You can see his nursery here – Taylors nursery – It was much bigger than Harriets!

Owl Moonlight & Melodies, Skip Hop (gifted) – Unicorn sign, B&M  – Unicorn Doll, M&P  – Picture frame, Sasse & Belle

This time around when choosing furniture I had my sensible experienced parent head on. A full-size wardrobe to grow with the baby, nothing too ‘babyish’ and no changing table. This seems to have worked out well for us and I can see her room growing with her meaning we won’t need to change anything too soon.

Hollie Sleigh Cot, BabyStyle (Gifted) –  Mattress, My Baby Mattress – Cloud rug, Sasse & Belle

Thanks to the lovely team at BabyStyle we were gifted the Hollie Sleigh Cot and Wardrobe for our little lady. They fit perfectly in her little bedroom leaving enough space for a nice chair, storage, and space to play. I’ll be filming a tour of the nursery including clips of the build. The furniture was built by us and took a few hours. It was easy enough and I loved that things like the rails for drawers were already attached, one less job to do. Thanks, Babystyle!

Unicorn head, M&P – Hollie Sleigh wardrobe, BabyStyle (gifted) – Curtains, Vertbaudet –

The Hollie Sleigh Cot is beautiful. Converting from sleigh-bed to day bed then into a stylish sofa bed it will stand the test of time. With a spacious drawer underneath, which is great for storing blankets, spare bedding and clothes she is yet to grow into, there is so much space! The drawer is a great way to add extra storage to this small room!

Sleepy eyes storage box, Vertbaudet (gifted) – Floor cushions, Vertbaudet (gifted)

With gorgeous accessories, gifted from Vertbaudet, and a lick of paint, Harriet’s nursery looks beautiful. Sitting in this room each evening as Harriet has her milk and cuddle before bed is the most relaxing part of my day. It’s peaceful and I love spending time in here.

I used floor cushions and a cute storage box from Vertbaudet to create a cosy little reading corner in her room. The box is perfect for storing some books and toys at the right height to help herself.  Harriet and Taylor both love sitting in this corner and listening to stories together.

Armchair, NEXT – Cloud cushion, M&P – Storage boxes, Matalan

The nursery also has a big armchair from Next which is where we have our nightly cuddles, it’s the best place to sit with the fairy lights twinkling as we read together.

Harriet also has a lovely mattress from My Baby Mattress. We didn’t think much about mattresses when we bought Taylors. We just got one that was of a reasonable price and thought nothing of it.

I have no idea if this mattress is sprinkled in magical baby sleep dust, or H is just a super good baby, maybe both? But she sleeps so so well on this mattress. The cover is completely removable and washable! A must for a baby, now I don’t have to worry if she’s sick or any accidents happen in her bed.

Harriet really loves sleeping in her new cot and has a fantastic routine of sleeping and settling in her own bedroom. She sleeps better than her 4-year-old brother! No lie. I’m waiting for it all to fall apart, hopefully, it won’t! I feel like this relaxing room has really helped with the transition from the Snuzpod and she actually sleeps better in her own space.

Now it’s time to enjoy our lovely baby nursery until she gets a bit bigger and we have to transition it into a toddler room. Which shouldn’t require anything more than converting the cot. I’m really pleased I went with something that would grow with her and feel the decor will last.

What do you think of our little lady’s new nursery? This room is probably the girliest thing I’ve ever created, aside from the baby girl that sleeps in it of course!

  • Colette Pawluk

    I love this nursery. You’ve done a great job. It’s so true that there’s no rush when sorting out a nursery. I had Mayas room completely sorted before she was born but the boys had to wait until they were over a year old before I sorted theirs out. Mind you they have taken over mine and Dave’s room and left us with the smaller room. Humph!

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