Nothing Artificial: Chicken, Mushroom & Bacon Pie!

Home cooking is something I’ve been wanting to improve upon for a while, especially since I became a parent. It’s one of those life skills I assume all mothers have mastered. One meal we have always enjoyed in the winter months is chicken and mushroom pie and I recently decided it was about time I […]

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Super Tasty Choc Chip Cookies

This week has seen me getting back into my baking groove, whilst Taylor’s had ten minutes going crazy in his Jumperoo I’ve been throwing together batches of these super tasty cookies. They’re similar to Millies or Subway cookies so they’re very sweet and they take minutes to make, totally mum-proof. Also great to get toddlers and older children involved in making!


Tasty Chocolate Dessert Muffins

The perfect treat to make on a rainy Sunday! I can tell you we have been having a lot of those lately so cakes and cookies are coming out of our ears, this recipe was really easy to follow and the results were very tasty too.

Note that these muffins are from an English recipe so the mix is for 12 but they rise to the height of a standard size cup/fairy cake case or deep muffin tin. I used large muffin cases as they are all I had. The perfect treat to make on a rainy Sunday!


Halloween Mini Cupcakes

Last Halloween I made these cute little cup cakes and added Halloween cocktail sticks in the tops to theme them, you can get similar toppers from craft stores and even the pound shops around Halloween that work perfect for topping cakes and don’t cost much.

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