Super Tasty Choc Chip Cookies

This week has seen me getting back into my baking groove, whilst Taylor’s had ten minutes going crazy in his Jumperoo I’ve been throwing together batches of these super tasty cookies. They’re similar to Millies or Subway cookies so they’re very sweet and they take minutes to make, totally mum-proof. Also great to get toddlers and older children involved in making!

A few of you have asked for the recipe so here it is, the initial recipe I tried contained ½ a tsp of salt taking the edge off the sweetness but I prefer them without it.

This can be done in a mixer or by hand, it’s not a stiff dough so it’s easy to do with either.

I’ve bobbed all my ingredients into the mixer to make it quicker, don’t forget theirs a baby jumping in his jumperoo whilst this is happening 😉 – I wouldn’t advise the mixer if you have children helping, plus that takes out all the fun of mixing yourself!

You will need –

♥ – 125g butter, softened

♥ – 100g light brown soft sugar

♥ – 125g caster sugar

♥ – 1 egg, lightly beaten

♥ – 1 tsp vanilla extract

♥ – 225g self-raising flour

♥ – 200g chocolate chips

Method –

♥ – Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees/gas mark 4

♥ – Cream your butter (125g) along with the caster (125g) and brown sugar (100g)

♥ – Add the beaten egg (1 egg) and vanilla extract (1tsp). Mix well.

At this point you’ll have a rather runny sweet mixture.

♥ – Sift in the flour (225g self raising) – Make sure it’s self raising otherwise your cookies won’t spread and will be tiny!

♥ – Add those all important chocolate chips (200g), yum!

Now your mix should look like a soft slightly sticky cookie dough

Take your mix onto a clean flat surface

♥ – Gather the dough into a ball then roll in out into a long thick sausage, evenly slice your dough into separate pieces.

This mix should give you between 12 and 15 good size pieces around the size of a walnut.

I cook these cookies in batches of 5 one tray at a time.

♥ – Line a large tray with grease proof paper and space out 5 of your dough pieces (in the same pattern you find on a die to prevent them touching on your tray),

I like to roll them into balls before popping them onto my tray, then press them down lightly. Your dough pieces may not seem very big but these will disperse in the oven.

♥ – Cook your cookies for around 7 minutes at 180 degrees/gas mark 4, take a look at them depending on your oven if you think they look ready take them out otherwise give them another minute or two!

Leave them on the tray for a couple of minutes before transferring to a wire rack.  Don’t forget to scoff one whilst still hot 😉

If you give these a go share your results with us via twitter, instagram, facebook or in the comments below!



  • These look delicious, I haven’t baked in a while but want to now.

    • LeeLeeLoves

      These are really quick to throw together so a great way to get back into it. 🙂

      I’m making my first lactation cookies this week, should be interesting! Xx

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