Taylor and The Magic Chair


The Magic Chair is a beautiful personalised childrens book packed with illustrations and a unique story featuring your child. Our copy is dubbed as ‘Taylor and the Magic Chair’ of course everyone’s is different, no worries if your child isn’t called Taylor. It could be ‘Bob and the Magic Chair’ or ‘Sue and the Magic Chair’, whatever their name may be you can have it, even if you’re the proud parent of Princess Consuela Bananahammock, it’s fine.


It isn’t often we come across things with Taylor’s name so to have a book personally printed with his name was great,  It isn’t only found on the cover but featured throughout the story. Part of the process in creating your book is to create a character that represents your child including their hair colour and outfit which is very cute.


Once you’ve inserted a name created your child and added your personal message you get the opportunity to see a digital version of your book before you proceed and purchase. Our book took just over 1 week to arrive which was brilliant.


Personalisation aside the story itself is superb, with a running theme of The Magic Chair told in a rhymic ryhming pattern you’ll be taken on a amazing adventure to different places from the Circus and the Jungle to the North Pole. A truly magical adventure that will find little ones learning about the world around them and expanding their horizons. Taylor and I have read this book multiple times now and he never fails to point at the pictures and let out a little ‘ooooh’ at how mesmerised he is by them.


Had we received this as a gift from somebody for Taylor’s Birthday or Christmas I’d be ecstatic, it’s a lovely book with a personal touch which is something I really like in gifts. You can purchase your copy of The Magic Chair for £14.99 at www.MagicChair.co.uk

We were sent this book on exchange for an honest review – all opinions are honest and our own.





  • Donna Wishart

    That’s such a gorgeous book – love that it’s personalised. As an aside – that chair is beautiful! x

  • Newcastle Family Life

    I love personalised items for my children, they make them that bit more special don’t they ? I love the look and sound of this book xx

  • Lisa – LeeLeeLoves

    Our very own Magic Chair 😉 I moaned for years for that chair, probably regretting getting it in green now though. I’m destined to have a green theme forever due to it. Xx

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