Book Review: My Given Name - Personalised Children's Book


We have been loving this great book all about how Taylor got his name, it’s really cute and to be honest a lot more interesting than the real story of how we spent nine months unable to agree on what to name our little bundle.

My Given name is a personalised children’s book with a difference, not only is it personal to your child but it’s filled with positive affirmations to show them just how special they are.my_given_name_1

Kevin Tyler who created and wrote the book wanted it be more specific to each child than other personalised children’s books, which simply replace a characters name, the entire story is determined by your child’s name.


The book is landscape and available as both a hardback or softback cover, it even has the name written on the cover which looks great. When Taylor is older I think he’s going to enjoy the book even more simply because he can see his name on the front and know it’s about him as a baby.


My Given Name follows a small stork named Bindee who cannot fly like all of the other stork’s, Bindee must travel on foot to deliver a birth certificate to the wizard on Given Mountain, on his journey he meets a whole host of characters who help him find his way. I particularly love the illustrations and vivid colours that can be seen throughout this book which are illustrated by Pushan Chakravarty.


Each part of the story unveils another letter of your child’s name via the different animals Bindee meets on his journey, this is where each child’s story will differ from one another based on the letters used within their name.

Upon receiving the book I was expecting a generic overprinted book with Taylor’s name placed in specific areas, I wasn’t aware of the story fit personally to his name.

In Taylor’s story Bindee meets the following characters who each share a positive message.

Turtle –  ‘I listen to my Teachers’

Aardvark – ‘I am Adorable’

Yeti – ‘Love Yourself and feel proud’

Lion –  ‘I am Loveable’

Owl – ‘I Observe and learn well’

Rhinoceros – ‘I show Respect for others’


As you can see Taylor has really enjoyed reading all about Bindee’s journey to Given Mountain and discovering how he got his name, he appears to be very alert when we have read the story together and looks wide eyed at the bright alluring pictures.

The book also includes illustrations of your baby, when you create your book you’re given options for the gender and skin tone that matches your baby the most. It’s not as detailed as choosing specific hair or eye colours and is more of a generic baby but it’s another addition of personalisation that I really liked.


You can create your own personalised book at for £16.99 in three simple steps. Insert your child’s name, select a gender and the picture most like your child and you’re done! It’s free delivery and takes between 4 and 6 days, so it’s super fast!


This book is a perfect keepsake and certainly something I would purchase as a gift for children of friends and relatives for Birthdays or Christmas, it’s a gift that promotes positive thinking with traditional illustration and a truly personal touch which I adore.

Have your children got unusual names that would create an interesting story for Bindee or are they sweet and traditional?

It took us so long to decide on Taylor’s name, as if 9 months wasn’t enough 😉

– We received our copy of My Given Name in exchange for an honest review, all opinions expressed are my own. –

  • We loved this book too – so well personalised! x

    • LeeLeeLoves

      The personalisation just makes me love it even more, such a great idea. Xx

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  • Tracy Nixon

    This sounds lovely!

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