Book Event: Lucy Robinson Launch Party - The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me

Firstly I know this is so so late, I do apologise!

The 19th of June saw me hop, skip and jump my way onto a train and bust my way to the big city that is our capital, London. Why? Because Lucy flippin Robinson’s new book was launching and she invited me to the party!

After what felt like a very long day walking around London with no idea where I actually wanted to go or what I wanted see (I am terrible when it comes to navigation and London is not my stomping ground) finally party time rolled around.

I headed down to The Schott Music Shop on Great Marlborough street and upon entering found Lucy looking absolutely stunning in the most gorgeous dress with a huge smile on her face, and she was ready celebrate. To my surprise Lucy knew who I was instantly and gave a lovely welcome!

 The launch kicked off with Lucy giving a reading from her fabulous new novel and then things got crazy, their was opera and it was amazing, their wasn’t a dry eye in sight. It was beautiful and seriously emotional.

The wine was flowing (and water for some of us who were secretly pregnant) I met the lovely ladies from Penguin, Katie & Lydia, I also met many lovely bloggers. You know who you are, and you’re all so nice. I was amazed to see how many authors attended, these guys really do have one another back and come out to support one another.

Lucy and her amazing Opera friends!

Myself and Lucy flipping Robinson! Aaaaaah. Amazing!

I finally met the super lovely Hannah Beckerman! We had a picture taken but Victoria Fox has it, then she started taking selfies ;)

LOOK, So many amazing authors!!!


Left to Right – Rosie Blake, Hannah Beckerman, Paige Toon, Lucy Robinson, Victoria Fox, Ali Harris, Michele Gorman, Matt Dunn, Scarlett Bailey, Lulu Taylor, Katy Regan

Overall the entire event was lovely as were all of the bloggers / authors / Penguins I met on the night, a huge thanks to Lucy for inviting me to her fabulous evening!

You can read my review of the book by clicking the link on the image below!


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