Our Family

We’re a family of four living in the Peak District, documenting the daily madness that is parenthood!

Before becoming parents, we loved nothing more than going to the cinema or snowboarding. Now we enjoy watching our movies from home and spending time together as a family. We wouldn’t change it for the world!


Lisa enjoys reading women’s fiction and spending time as a family. She takes pictures and documents everything!


Phillip is a web developer who enjoys playing guitar, watching old movies, gaming and making Little Fox laugh like only he can!

Little Fox

A lover of raspberries, Rescue Bots, Avengers and hide & seek. A genuine mischief maker. Also loves cuddles and cake.


Toddling through life and eating everything she can reach! Supe smiley cloth bum baby.

We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures as first time parents, don’t forget to comment, we love chatting with our readers!

Lisa, Phillip, Taylor & Harriet Xx