Staying Comfortable and Stylish During Pregnancy

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your usual style. Many people choose to completely change up their style to suit their bump and this can compromise how we feel about ourselves during pregnancy. Instead of turning to baggy maternity clothes, follow this guide to show off that bump and your amazing body during pregnancy, so you can stay comfortable and stylish.

Find Pieces That Can Grow with You

When looking through your wardrobe or looking for new outfits, finding pieces that can stretch and grow as you do will ensure that you have pieces you can wear pre- and post-pregnancy. Nobody wants to spend a lot of money on pregnancy clothes, meaning finding flexible styles is essential. When you first find out you’re pregnant, go to the store and find some signature pieces that are stretchy. Items such as maxi dresses or pants and jeans that are made of elasticated material around the waist will all grow with you as your stomach begins to grow. Luckily, floaty and oversized pants remain a big trend, meaning you can remain both comfortable and chic.

What You Wear on Your Feet Matters

Being pregnant means carrying extra weight and so giving up those heels is a must if you want your feet and back to remain intact. Designer sneakers are taking the world by storm and many famous faces can be found sporting a pair of these. Whilst some women still choose heels over sneakers, now is the best time to find the perfect pair of designer sneakers that you can feel comfortable and stylish in. Other comfortable options if sneakers aren’t your style include sandals or chunky boots. SSENSE stocks a range of Gucci shoes that can provide comfort and finesse to every outfit, including slippers, sneakers, sandals, and sliders.

Create a Pregnancy Collection

Visiting the wardrobe and constantly finding yourself having to re-try on outfits doesn’t make you feel very good about yourself and can lead to frustration. From the beginning, it is a good idea to be open and honest with yourself and create a pregnancy collection in your wardrobe. Try on outfits you know will still fit in the coming months, so you have an idea of what you still need to buy to style up these outfits. This makes choosing an outfit during pregnancy a breeze.

Make Use of Belts

Belts make a great accessory for the pregnant woman and if you don’t want to purchase maternity clothes, you can choose to buy bigger sizes in the brands you love and simply use a belt to add shape to your bump. Wearing baggy clothing if you didn’t before can feel strange to many and the addition of a belt can define your silhouette and add shape, so you can show off your body and bump and feel comfortable whilst doing so.

When possible, try to dress in clothing you can continue to wear post-pregnancy. If this isn’t an option, look for clothing you find fashionable, as you can always sell these clothes after pregnancy.

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