Reusable bags and boxes for shopping since the plastic bag levy

I often want to kick myself whilst out shopping, for forgetting to bring a tote bag. I own plenty of them, I just can’t for the life of me remember to carry one.

Since the UK law for sales on plastic carrier bags came into place people are more likely to use tote bags or reuse carrier bags. Which is of course the intention. Who wants to pay 5 pence in every store for something you’ve usually got loads of at home? I like to think I’m not alone when it comes to the ‘carrier bag drawer’ that lives in the kitchen. The place all the bags are scrunched up and stored at the end of each shop.

I’ve also found this has brought out the brand snob in me. I can’t deny should I have nicer branded carrier bags  to hand I will generally opt to use those over one from the pound shop. I wouldn’t collect and keep pound shop bags for reusing in the same way I like to keep bags from the likes of Cath Kidston.

They have to look good. Not necessarily a big brand name, but a nice brand.

Surprisingly the branded bags I like to reuse don’t cost 5pence in the first place. They’re usually made of paper and aren’t chargeable!

We also like to use large boxes for shopping when doing a food shop with the car, it’s easier than using many bags.

Reusing branded bags isn’t a new fad since the carrier bag charge came into place though.  Teenagers across Britain have been doing this for generations.

Carrier bag snobbery! – If you had to take a carrier bag to school be it for your packed lunch of your P.E kit, it had to be a particular bag from that seasons trending store. God forbid if you took a Lidl bag… Nobody wanted to be that kid.

Branded carrier bags have the potential to keep a name going and be consistently seen within the public eye.

4imprint have put together a fab infographic on the power of branded bags, are you a branded bag enthusiast? Have you found yourself digging out your best carrier bags since the new system came into place or are you happy to carry anything?


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