Not Just a Mum - Practicing self care in 2020

As January comes to a close I’ve been thinking about the whole “New Year, New Me” Mantra that gets thrown about each year.

Whether we make promises to ourselves get exercise, change our diets or do better as the new year begins. Does it ever work?

This year I won’t be making any resolutions as such or promising myself I’ll do an array of things that are unobtainable. Who needs the pressure?

I will, however, be trying to make more time for myself and practise self-care. Because it’s easy to let yourself become just a mum. Taking care of everyone, but yourself. We need to remember to put ourselves first from time to time. Are you with me?

Self Care –

As part of my new self-care routine, I’ve been making changes to my skincare routine. Using better products and taking care of myself. I’d like to invest in a new facial cleansing brush at some point to help improve my complexion.  I wouldn’t hesitate to spend money on nice outfits, nappies and toys for the children, so why am I using the cheapest products on myself? I’ve started using Pixi for my skincare and love it!

I’ve also been looking at options for getting Invisalign in the near future, many dentists such as The Vallance Dental Centre near to Manchester City Centre offer this service – click here to check them out – Although it’s one I’ll have to save up for!

Making more time for myself, childfree is high on my list. Obviously this is easier for some more than others and requires somebody to take your children. I’ve had two childfree days so far. It’s so refreshing when you come home feeling ready to rule the roost again.

One thing I never do is take care of my hair and I want to take the time out to treat myself more often.
With so many options out their aside from cuts and colours you can create fun new looks from Hair Weft Bundles. Extensions, implants and many other treatments for thicker, fuller hair . I’m lucky if get mine cute twice in. year!

I might not be about to overhaul my look or go as extreme as purchasing remy hair wigs anytime soon. But I can commit to having a cut and colour more often!

Before being a Parent Blogger I was actually a Book Blogger, reading is something I’ve always loved, yet rarely find the time to do anymore. I’m hoping to spend more time losing myself in the world of friction this year and rekindling my love of books.

What are you doing this year to practise self-care? If you have any suggestions I’d love for you to share them in the comments below!

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