How long will you last as a Walking Dead Survivor?

We’ve followed Rick and the gang from the very beginning. They feel like family, we’re invested in their journey, their survival and what the future holds for them. We feel hate towards those in rival communities who try to bring harm. We can’t even put into words what we felt when Lucile came on the scene and all hell broke loose. Don’t deny it, you cried. We all did!

But, could you survive?

The Walking Dead is getting close to the two-year mark for the survivors, so we’re asking, as time goes on, how are food supplies holding up? Which rations of food will help you to survive over the course of time? How far along can you get before it gets too difficult to scavenge for your everyday food essentials?

Check out the below infographic by Data-label and see how long you would last.

I’m not sure I’d manage past two years if I’m honest. I’d probably meet my demise to a hoard of walkers whilst trying to source some better food. Do they have Dr Pepper and Cadburys in the apocalypse?

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