Keeping eczema under control with Cuticura Mildly Medicated Talcum Powder

For most parents, the daily routine of getting their little ones ready for bed is pretty straightforward. It may involve bath time, or story time, a bottle of warm milk and some cuddles. For us, it involves a vigorous routine of lathering Little Foxes skin in various creams each morning and evening to ensure his eczema doesn’t flare up. To keep it under control, and stop him from scratching in his sleep.

The trouble is when you think you’ve found the perfect combination of lotions and potions something will change. What once worked no longer takes effect and the flare-ups return. The one thing we try to avoid is the use of steroid creams, they aren’t a long-term solution, and can cause the skin to thin.

Right now we have a good routine with a great combination of prescribed products and we’re in control. In a bid to help ease the itchiness caused by his eczema and reduce scratching we’ve also been using Cuticura Mildly Medicated Talcum Powder. Little Fox suffers mostly from dry patches on his arms and legs, around his joints and his face.

We don’t usually use talcum powders on his skin as they can cause irritation and dry his skin out further. However, that hasn’t been the case so far with Cuticura Mildly Medicated Talcum Powder. It doesn’t dry the skin out where it’s already irritated and has helped retain moisture.
Our most recent flare-up led to the sore irritated skin on his lower back which he scratched in his sleep until it bled.

With damp open sores that needed to be cleaned and covered to prevent infection without drying out his skin completely. Creams meant the open sores were remaining damp and were not healing. As the sores were along the top of his nappy line it was difficult to let the area air dry long enough to heal. Using Cuticura Mildly Medicated Talcum Powder worked really well at keeping the area dry without removing moisture from his skin. And helping with the healing process.

We’ve never had a routine of bath and bed in our house. It was clear from being just a few months old that too many baths dried his skin out, leaving it sore and scaly. Not something you want to see on your precious newborn! But we’re finding his skin can tolerate a few more baths than usual these days. Which is great, because 3-year-olds get so messy sometimes they need more than a wipe down!

We’ve been using Cuticura Mildly Medicated Talcum Powder for two weeks now and have seen a visible difference in his eczema and the amount he scratches. The redness has reduced and itching is at a minimum. The open sores have healed nicely. Little Fox also loves applying Cuticura Mildly Medicated Talcum Powder himself, although we all end up wearing some! We’re going to continue use after each bath time to keep any patches of eczema soft and dry, reducing itching at bedtime.

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  • Nic Dransfield

    Entertaining as Isla’s skin is really bad again!

    • Lisa – LeeLeeLoves

      Oh no 🙁

      It’s awful seeing them with sore skin. I’m hoping H doesn’t end up like T but she already has a few tiny patches. xx

  • Margaret Gallagher

    Sounds PERFECT for my neice – benefits sound great

  • Rachel Bustin

    This would be great for my toddler.

    Thanks for joining us at #luckylinky x

  • Mark Tebbutt


  • Karen Ridgway

    Fantastic talc works for my 22 year old daughter, who’s eczema has come back.

  • Clare Davies

    i am a student nurse snd have seen so many patients use this and tell me how fab it is! but ive never seen it anywhere to buy it! x

  • Gillian Brown

    I would love to try this

  • Christine Taylor

    My granddaughter suffers badly ..seems to have tried everything..but not this…yet !!

  • Natalie Crossan

    My daughter suffers with eczema and this is one product we have yet to try x

  • cheryl hadfield

    Both myself and my daughter suffer from eczema and psoriasis,would love to try this product

  • Kirsty Woods

    My daughter has a bit of eczema, would love to give this a try

  • Patricia Avery

    I’ve used this a long time ago and found it very effective 🙂

  • Carolynn

    I find it very good for yeast infections in skin folds – dries out the area and stops irritation

  • Heather Nisbet

    I use medicated talc everytime I get a flare up and find it excellent

  • kim neville

    would like to try on myself and my son as we both suffer with eczema

  • Lynn D Mcdonnell

    I’d love to win. My disabled son has eczema x

  • julie e henderson

    perfect as me and son both have eczemza

  • sue hooper

    Because the only talc that seems to be available these Days is Johnsons baby powder. As I have eczema prone skin. This product will be perfect for me.

  • Roanna Wood

    My little son has very sensitive skin. Would love to try this

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