Gifts for boys aged 4-8

Another year has come and almost gone, it’s time to start buying those Christmas gifts!

2020 may not have been the best of years, for obvious reasons. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves and shower our loved ones with gifts should we choose!

Here are some of my favourite gift ideas for boys ages 4-8 years old. Some of the items marked with an * have been gifted to us to feature whereas any other items are amongst favourites I’ve purchased for my children.

Fingers crossed you’ll find something your little ones will love!

1. *Hotwires from John Adams

Hotwires is a fantastic STEM toy for those inquisitive minds. Retailing from £44.99 upwards it’s the ultimate electronic starter kit. Make anything from a flying disc to a burglar alarm, from a voice recorder to an FM radio to even a lie detector with your Hot Wires Set! Follow the easy-to-use instructions to become an electronics wizard. Over 100 exciting experiments.

2. *Ryan Williams Nitro Circus Signature Junior scooter from

The R Willy replica scooter is a stunt scooter most little boys dream of! This is going to be a great step up from a 3 wheeler and intro to stunt scooting for my little boy. Available in black and Gold it’s a mini version of the pros sweet ride. T loves all things Gold so he going to flip when he sees this!

3. Lite Brite £14.99

When I saw that Lite Bright was making a come back I got a little excited. I remember having one of these as a child! I’d spend hours creating pictures with this and if I’m honest I think I’ll be having a go of this too!

4. Rizmo

Last Christmas Rizmo was all the rage, and in true mum fashion, my kids get the latest trend the year after. Because this guy was just £19.99 when last year he was £49.99! A big difference. Especially when you’re unsure if it’s just a fad or not. Rizmo is a cute toy that you teach and he gradually transforms from a ball with eyes to a fluffy monster type thing. It gives me Mogwai vibes! We’ve gone for stereotypical Blue and Pink for the children, mostly because they can’t be trusted with white!

5. Sonic The Hedgehog

This year my 5-year-old wants all things sonic, these aren’t easy to come by! This 2 pack of figures was £19.99 at Smyths.  They’re posable and look like he’s going to really enjoy them. We also found more of the range at the SEGA shop.


6. *Sand Sational from Addo Play

A firm favorite here is this magical sand that never dries out and provides hours of play. A great one for rainy days. Available on Amazon.


7. *Windy Knickers from IDEAL

A fun family game that will have everyone in fits of giggles. Don’t let Granny get her knickers in a twist! Can you help Granny put out her washing? I’m looking forward to us playing this one as a family on Christmas day!


8. *Stocking fillers from Zimpli Kids

If you’re yet to experience the joy of Gelli Baff and it’s friends Slime baff, Crackle Baff or the cute playsets you’ll be both amazed and slightly horrified all at once

The first time we tried one I was wary but the children loved it, it’s non-toxic, it’s safe and the bath did not get clogged up. It really is magic!

9. Bakugan Battle Planet

A new favourite in our house is Bakugan. These starter packs are a great way to get going and learn to play the popular game.

Jumpstart your Bakugan collection! Includes 2 Bakugan Ultra, 3 Bakugan, 10 bakucores, 5 character cards and 5 Ability cards. Roll against your friends to see who will become the ultimate Bakugan Master! For ages 6+

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