Fight for your right, to happy healthy skin.

Both of my children have struggled with eczema and allergies since birth, and if theirs one thing I’ve learned it’s that you have to fight for the right treatment.

It’s all trial & error but finding the right skincare products makes a huge difference.

It’s the difference between being able to stop using steroid creams that can cause the skin to thin.

The difference between being allowed more than one splashy fun bath a week.

The difference between being able to risk going to a swimming pool over the summer or simply having feeling comfortable enough to have your skin on show. Something we should be able to do with confidence.

Eczema is complex. It’s more than a patch of dry skin and a bit of cream.

It’s soap substitutes, endless emollients, saying no to bubble bath, soft organic cotton clothing, daily doses of antihistamine to stop them scratching. Sore, tired-looking skin that flakes and bleeds.

Eczema and dry skin isn’t something I’ve ever really struggled with myself. Not enough to warrant anything more than a basic moisturiser anyway.

It’s something I wasn’t well educated about either until I had Children. And those who don’t fight the battle daily don’t understand the level of care it can require.

We’ve had 22 doctor’s appointments and 9 different prescription creams over the years for the children’s skin. Just when you think something is working the flare-ups begin, the scratching, the bleeding, the night wakings, and it all begins again.

We now use Epaderm and have a good skin routine in place, but it wasn’t without a fight.

Epaderm is available on prescription or over the counter in the UK.

Our GP was reluctant to prescribe it to us. It’s not the cheapest option they can give on prescription and the NHS will of course save money where they can. Which I get, but given that it’s available on prescription, if it was going to make a difference, I wanted to try it! I was eager enough to buy a bottle myself to try it out,  eventually, a prescription was given.

Having been through the mill of Aquous, Dermol, Aveeno, Doprobase, Doublebase, to name but a few… I was well and truly fed up.

It’s hard enough battling your children each day to douse them in creams, but it’s harder knowing it isn’t making much difference.

Before using Epaderm Harriet was scratching her back until it bled, she was being doused in steroid creams and something had to give. A regimen that once worked for her no longer did.

Like most things, I researched the back teeth out of options that might work and Epaderm Junior was next my next quest to help her.

2 GP appointments, another 2 alternative creams, and 3 phone calls later we finally got there.

Three weeks into using Epaderm Junior and the steroid cream was back on the shelf.

Where hopefully, it can stay!

I still have to endure the nightly battle of applying it, which is usually helped by allowing her to put some on her baby. I usually apply it to her back at the same time, while she’s busy!

You might see these pictures and think her skin looks pretty good, and right now it does. Because we’re in a routine that works and I couldn’t be happier.

Only a few weeks ago her back was red raw and bleeding. Her calves still bare scabs and strangers stare if her skin is on show. But I guarantee if you ask her who the most beautiful girl in the world is, she’ll always reply with “Meeee!” and a very cheeky grin.

Her skin doesn’t define who she is, she’s a happy confident little human and I do my best to provide her with the best care to ensure she

This post is part of my entry to the #blogonepaderm contest. As daily users of the product, we feel strongly about its ability to help you on your way to happy skin.

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