Designing a Dream Pet with Petplan

Growing up we always had pets, I can’t recall a time when we haven’t had one in our home. We have always been pet people. More specifically Cats. My first cat was aptly named blue as it was my favourite colour at the time.

Little Fox loves our family cat, they’re still working on their relationship as the cat isn’t as keen on him. He’s also a fan of owls, rabbits and dogs. Imagine if we had all of those pets? Children change their minds so often we couldn’t possibly keep up.

When Petplan asked us to design our dream pet with Little Fox I was probably more excited than he was. This is the sort of thing I would have loved as a child! We have used Pet insurance from Petplan from the day we brought our Norwegian forest kittens home five years ago. Giving us peace of mind when Dexter needed surgery and knowing we were in good hands. But what was our dream pet? More importantly, what did Little Fox want?

We pulled out the pencils and set to work! With a little help from myself, otherwise, our drawing would simply be a scribble, we drew our dream pet.

With little foxes art direction we created a masterpiece if I do say so myself. A Blue Rabbit Cat.

Once our drawing was complete we sent it over to the team at Petplan who used their magic to whizz it over to us in the form of a soft toy! How bloomin’ amazing!

Meet ‘Blue’ our new family pet.Little Fox also loves the colour Blue right now and chose a great name. He absolutely loves him and I’m amazed at how detailed he is. It’s as if he’s jumped off of the page and come to life, right down to his wonky eye.

We won’t have to add him to our pet insurance but I’m sure he’ll be receiving lots of love and attention as all pets should.

Thank you, Petplan for turning Little Foxe’s dream pet into a reality. He is most certainly one of kind!

What would your dream pet look like?

This post has been possible thanks to Petplan, but all thoughts are my own




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