Christmas Gift Guide for 5 year old boys

It’s almost Christmas! – Here are some of our top ideas for boys this Christmas. These are items we love and have chosen for our little boy this year. Some he will receive for Christmas, others will be for his 5thnd birthday which is one week after Christmas.

Hopefully, some of the items will help you when it comes to finding the perfect gift for 5 year olds. Whether it be for Christmas or a Birthday!

Lego –

A staple item under the Christmas tree for generations, a classic toy loved by girls and boys, Lego! You can’t go wrong with the worlds #1 building blocks to keep little one’s imaginations running wild and feed their creativity. We’re finally moving up from Duplo and introducing Classic Lego to our little one. There are great deals to be had on Lego so shop around, we found Amazon and Asda to be the best.

Tonie Box £69.95 –

The Tonie Box and Tonies are in the Top 10 Toys for this Christmas and I can see why. If you’re looking for something a little bit different that will entertain little ones without using screens you need Tonies. A softshell speaker with interactive characters, pop your Tonie on the box and an audiobook or songs will begin to play.  The Tonie Box Retails at around £69.95 with each Tonie costing around £14.99 so it’s certainly an investment. One of which I think will be well-loved in our home. We read 3 books a night at bedtime and it’s never enough, our 4-year-old will get up and ask for more. The Tonie Box is going to be a great way t say goodnight after reading and leave him to listen to his own stories! You can also add audio recordings or books to the Creative Tonie yourself or buy the pre-loaded characters.

Blo Pens £11.99 –

Blo Pens are a real blast from the past for me. I remember having so much fun with these a child. T is always drawing and painting. We’re also getting him an easel this year and these will be a fantastic addition for his creative moments.

The Hangrees £6.66 –

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you’ll know slime has been all the rage the last few years. Combine slime with things that poop and their favourite characters, you have The Hangrees! T loves Spiderman so I’m sure finding Splatter-Maaan under the tree will have him in fits of laughter.

Squeezamals £8.45  –

A slow rising soft toy with a face so cute, how could you resist giving them a cuddle? These little cuties are perfect for popping into stockings and tick the list of the squishy craze that’s been going around. Squeeze as hard you like and watch as your character returns to its original shape. They also have a lovely sweet scent!

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