8 Important Things to Know About Travelling to LA with a Toddler

Who doesn’t deserve a holiday when they spend their time raising a young child? Ever since their birth, it’s been a constant battle to make sure everything is right. Combine this with work and life and it makes for a very stressful time. But now that the baby is a toddler, it’s possible to have a holiday in places a little further afield. Why not in LA?  After all, it’s easy to search and find one of the more beautiful vacation homes in Los Angeles that are family-friendly and more comfortable. And there are lots of fun activities for both young kids and parents in this sunny city in California. Here a few things parents should know before taking a toddler to LA.

1# Prepare for a Long Flight:

If you’re flying from the UK or Europe, expect a long flight to reach Los Angeles. This will be a hard time for the little one and it’s essential to take measures to make it as comfortable as possible. Make sure all their favourite gadgets are fully charged and that they have lots of things to do to keep them busy and occupied. If possible, later flights are better than earlier ones to avoid disrupting their normal sleeping cycle. The travel day will be just like any normal day and they’ll hopefully sleep through most of the flight.

2# Rent a Car:

The most important thing you can do as a parent with a young child is to rent a car. LA is a huge, sprawling city and the most convenient way to get from one place to the other is by driving. Taxis will eat up your budget in no time at all and public transport can be a bit slow. When you’re travelling around the city, put the well-being on your toddler as the number one priority. The last thing anyone wants is a tantrum.

3# Anticipate the Weather:

The weather and climate are probably going to be different to what you’re familiar with back at home. Even the winter sees temperatures that are similar to what you’d expect in the British summer. Anticipate warmer weather and endless sunshine and prepare for it. Hot weather can make everyone cranky, especially a jet lagged two-year-old. Make sure you and your child drink plenty of water to stay completely hydrated at all times.

4# Choose the Attractions Carefully:

There’s something for everyone in Los Angeles. Theme parks and Disneyland for the kids and museums, culture, and upscale restaurants for the parents. But you’re travelling with a young child and their priorities need to be above your ideas of relaxing late into the evening with a glass of wine. Attractions can be far away from one another and may need a lot of time to drive to get to them.

5# Plan the Time to Visit the Attractions Even More Carefully:

The more popular attractions get very crowded and busy at peak hours during the day. This includes most of the places the little ones will probably enjoy the most. Can there be anything more horrifying than turning up somewhere to find an hour long line just to get inside under the hot sun? The best way is to simply visit as soon as it opens. Most visitors don’t want to get out of bed early enough to be the first in line. If you make the effort, you won’t have to wait around as much.

6# Spend a Day at the Beach or Around the Pool:

Fast paced travel is OK for adults who are travelling on their own and want to take in as much as they can. But it’s not a good way to travel with a toddler. At the very least, you need to factor in at least one or two rest days for everyone to get their energy back. If you’re at a hotel or vacation home with a pool, spend the day lounging around. Or, you can take your child to the beach and show them how to build their first sandcastle.

7# Take Advantage of Parks and Playgrounds:

LA is packed full of parks and green spaces that make for an ideal place to spend the afternoon. Some of these have a playground especially for young children. Come here in the early evening when the temperature cools down a little and let them play for an hour or two. Why not even buy a football and have a little kick around on the grass? This is certain to put a smile on their faces and allow them to have a great holiday too.

8# Don’t Get Frustrated:

The last and most important point is to avoid getting frustrated at all costs. This is easier said than done when unexpected things happen and how unpredictable the behaviour of a young child is. Expect things to go wrong and to have a few tantrums. But, don’t let this ruin your holiday. Just imagine the stress that the child has gone through to actually get to Los Angeles and how everything is so different for them. Be patient in the most stressful of situations and you’ll thank yourself for it later.

The Takeaway Message:

Los Angeles makes for a perfect-family vacation and has lots of family-friendly sights and attractions. Everyone will have a great time if you plan the trip carefully and take into consideration the toddlers needs. So why not start searching today how you can have a dream trip to the City of Angels?

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