4 Tips for a Designer Bathroom

Designer bathrooms are beautiful. Tempting refuges from the daily bustle, a place where you can be alone for a moment, and a haven where the hassles and stresses of the day can literally be washed away. And almost anyone can have a designer bathroom for less than you might think! Check out some showrooms before you begin, to get an idea of what you are looking for, and then:

Make a Plan
Consider every detail of your ideal bathroom, and then incorporate that – or as much as you can, anyway – into your existing bathroom space. A good way to do this is visually, either by sketching it on a piece of paper, or by finding software that allows you to input the dimensions of your bathroom to give you a ‘blank canvas’ upon which you can layout bathroom design after bathroom design until you find the perfect combination of style, colour, décor and convenience that will make your bathroom into your dream bathroom!
Make sure your measurements are accurate – there is nothing worse than finding out that the space that should be just big enough for a storage cabinet is a few millimetres too narrow! – and print out your favourite three options, just in case you need to change your preferences for any reason.

Pick a Style
Which interior design style works for you? Are you soothed by minimalist décor and monochrome or black and white colour schemes; enlivened by ornate chintz soft furnishings and bright and shiny gilt fitting, or enamoured of smooth cold marble and elegant muted gold points? Whichever décor style you prefer, make sure that the soft furnishings (bath mat, toilet pedestal set, curtains and even your towels) all work well with the paint or wall-paper used in your new bathroom. For example if you are somewhere in Yorkshire (Harrogate) and you want to explore options – you can take help from a local brand. If you are looking for designer bathrooms in Harrogate – you can check on the My Bathrooms website here to see all the beautiful options available, get some inspiration and perhaps even get started planning your very own designer bathroom!

Seamless Spacing
When you are planning your ideal designer bathroom, a simple step can make dramatic changes to the look of your bathroom. Make the room look as spacious as possible by installing glass walls, or removing the walls altogether. You can achieve the latter by transforming the entire bathroom into a wet room with a shower drain in the middle of the floor, installing a walk-in shower and keeping the tub, if you decide to include one, small and discreet, out of the way. Increasing the apparent size of the room is a great way to make your bathroom look welcoming and spacious – which automatically imparts an expensive air to the room too!

Panoramic Art
A modern trend that looks absolutely stunning when done right is to opt for an enormous piece of wall art instead of more standard paint or wallpaper. A desert scene is an ironic nod to the steamy wetness available in your bathroom, while a sea-scape – realistic with fish, coral and other marine creatures or fantastical with mermaids, tame giant sea-horses and magical underwater castles and cities – will make you feel as though you are under the sea whenever you shower!
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