How to Cook the perfect Christmas Dinner!

With 7 days to go til Christmas it’s time to start thinking about that all important dinner, whether you have the entire family over or just yourself. It wouldn’t be Christmas without a Turkey dinner and all the trimmings!

This year is going to be different for us, usually I would spend the day with my Dad and Phillip would go to his parent’s house. This year however, we have our own little family to think of. It’s Taylors first Christmas and we still haven’t decided on what to do. One option would be to simply stay at home and make our own Christmas dinner.

Having never made Christmas dinner before I know it’s something we would need to read up on beforehand and look for guidance. Thankfully in the event that we do choose to host our very own Christmas dinner the lovely people at Mayfair Granite have put together this handy infographic showing us exactly what needs to be done, from Christmas Eve veggie prep to slow roasting big bird. I’ve actually started to believe that even I could cobble together the perfect Christmas dinner!

Whether we choose to host our own dinner or visit family we are beyond excited for our first Christmas with Taylor, out of the womb, last Christmas he was preventing mummy from having as much fun as she would normally. This year however is likely to be our best yet.

Theirs something about babies that brings joy to those around them, whether it be close family and friends or a stranger on a bus. Babies manage to make everyone smile. We grow up believing that being a kid at Christmas is magical, but I’m fairly certain it’s all about having kids at Christmas!

If you’re cooking for the family, this year we would love to know your top Christmas Dinner tips and tricks!

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