My First Seaside Adventure | Featuring Cuddledry

Living in England means that warm weather isn’t the norm. When we find ourselves in the midst of a hot summers day we have to grab it by the horns. Because we never know when the next one will come around.


Last Sunday was one of those days. A day where you wake to find that the weather app you’d been vigorously checking all week was in fact correct. It’s glorious. You have to start making sandwiches immediately and dig out the bucket and spade before it’s too late.


It was perfect seaside weather and we were going to make the most of it. So was everyone else apparently.

Having left the house at 11am, running late of course, our one hour drive to the beach was more like a four hour drive. We didn’t touch sand until 3pm. You can probably imagine how stressful it was. Being in the car for so long on a hot summers day with a toddler screaming in the back. Add to that a beefy Scouser trying to pick a fight over parking spaces and It was the makings of a nightmare. I’m amazed we didn’t turn back.


Surprisingly though, it was worth it. We made the most of the time that we had and stayed until 7:00pm. Building sand castles, me, smashing them, Taylor. Playing catch, and splashing in the sea.


Taylor absolutely loved it. It was his first real trip to the seaside. He’d been on a small beach in Scotland when he was small. But he wasn’t able to enjoy it or take part in any seaside related activities like he can now.


He spent the day squishing his toes in the sand, splashing in water and digging holes with Daddy. He loved playing in the sand and snuggling up in his Cuddledry Swim Poncho afterwards.


It kept him warm throughout the day and as it’s a poncho he could wear it without feeling restricted. This also meant it didn’t fall down like an ordinary towel would.

Between splashing in the sea and playing in sand It allowed him to play whilst staying warm and dry. We generally use the swim poncho for swimming as it’s perfect for wrapping up in out of the pool, but I thought it would be great for the beach too. Their is an SPF version available if you want it solely for outdoor purposes. But he had plenty of sun cream and the swim poncho worked just as well.

Made from pure cotton and bamboo, it’s soft, fluffy and absorbent. It also happens to look ridiculously cute, like a Jedi smurf.


Considering the time it took us to get to the beach we still had a brilliant day. Taylor was shattered by the time we got home and didn’t need an evening trip to the park to tire him out, always a bonus! We’re still finding grains of sand in the car and house a week later.

If you’d like to see further details of the Cuddledry Swim Poncho as featured in this piece you can find them at for a RRP of £26.99 – We were sent the Cuddledry Swim Poncho in exchange for our honest opinion. All views and opinions are my own.
  • Fran Jones

    Blimey you were lucky! Looks a lovely day at the beach and the cuddledry looks great. Thanks for joining us for #marvmondays

  • Coombe Mill (Fiona)

    We love beach trips in all weather but always a bonus when the sun shines too #marvmondays

  • Organised Jo

    Such lovely photos, looks like you had a great day when you got there. #MarvMondays

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