Meeting 44 Cats at Gulliver's Kingdom Cheshire

This post is in collaboration with 44Cats

Last week saw us visit Gulliver’s World in Warrington, Cheshire.

We were invited along for the day by 44 Cats, which happens to be a favourite of the children’s on NETFLIX.

This Summer, Lampo and Milady from 44 Cats are making special appearances throughout the day at Gulliver’s Kingdom with set meet and greet times displayed on notice boards within the park. Exact times of the appearances may vary. Be sure to look out for the latest info on the boards by the main stage.

We haven’t been out as family for a long while. With lockdown lifting and things starting to return to our new ‘normal’ we decided this would be a great opportunity to have some summer fun with the children before it’s back to school.

You wouldn’t think it from the pictures, and I may have howled with laughter when I saw them, but the children had a great time. Note to self, when making sure we’re all looking at the camera, make sure the children actually smile. 😱

Having a socially distanced meet and greet was new to us. But Gulliver’s and 44 Cats have managed this really well. A hula hoop on the ground indicates where to stand whilst Lampo and Milady are behind. Creating the perfect picture opportunity with no contact. Theirs a small rope fence between the cats and public, so if your little one is tempted to touch them they’ll be deterred.

I’ve ‘met’ a fair few cartoon characters in my life. Some have been interesting to say the least… Lampo and Milady however look just like the TV characters. they’re just so cute and fluffy!!

They were full of life and so animated and lively! The children couldn’t help but smile when they came out.

This was our first trip to Gulliver’s in Warrington. Last year we visited the Matlock Bath venue. The big difference this year is that our smallest family member could go on more of the rides! Although children over 3 had to wear a mask whilst on the rides this didn’t affect our day and we still had a great time. Taylor, 5, wore a mask like us and had no issues. Just fun! As Harriet is only 2 she wasn’t required to wear one, although we were asked how old she was before being allowed on rides.

Some rides at the park were closed or had limited opening times, but we still managed to do plenty and have a fantastic family day out. The weather was certainly on our side too!

Togo Tower was a favourite of mine and T loved going through The lost world seeing all of the dinosaurs! We even flew together on Flight of the Pteranodon.

Book your tickets for Gulliver’s World online now and strike a pose with 44 Cats.

Thank you to 44 Cats and Gulliver’s World for having us, we can’t wait to come again!

You can learn more about 44 Cats on their social channels below:

Facebook – 44 Cats Official

Website – 44 Cats TV

Instagram – @44CatsOfficial

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