A Family Day Out at Coral Island Blackpool

It doesn’t matter where you go or how much you spend. In my experience, family days out are far from relaxing.

Finding something to entertain the whole family can be tiresome. Everything is either expensive or only caters to one child and not all ages.

Theirs always one who complains and you have to ask yourself, was it worth it?

In my experience, you can’t beat an illuminated room of 2p slot machines to get the kids giddy with excitement. Of course, encouraging gambling in children isn’t what we’re about. But the simple joy of a visit to the seaside, chips, and the chance to win a stuffed toy is surely a right of passage growing up in England?

This spring Coral Island Blackpool invited us to see what they had to offer. Instantly I had visions of us on a blustery day walking the promenade sharing chips. I was in. Let’s do this!

Coral Island is Blackpool’s largest indoor free-admission family-friendly attraction and we couldn’t wait to see what they had to offer! 

Entry is free and their is plenty to do once inside. From slot machines and craw machines to indoor rides and restraunts.

With games and rides for all ages their was something for each of us.  What’s best is that this summer Kids Eat Free, so for each paying adult a child gets a free meal.  As somebody who hates the cost of food on days out this was a winner!

This meant all four of us were able to enjoy a lovely meal at Coral Islands  restairant The Buccaneer, for the price of 2 meals. And the food was delicious. It wasn’t chips outside in the cold blustery wind and rain like I had envisioned, it was a 3 course meal with the worlds biggest brownie bowl for desert. I’ll take that over eating in the rain, thank you very much.

Their are 2 indoors rides, The Pirate Flyer, a cute little ship that takes you around the top of Coral Island and Ghost Train, which T loved! Their was also a mini train ride and aside from the slots and video games they also had bing, camel derby and VR games.

There is an over 18’s adult gambling machine area which is well denoted and fenced off out of the way. We didn’t wander into this area but for those not restricted by children, it looked well equipped.

Our visit also happened to be near Easter so we signed up online for a free Easter egg, where we also met Captain Jack!

My favourite had to be Bingo. Even Taylor loved giving this a try, we didn’t win but it had a really fun vibe.  A trolley with drinks brought to your desk, a real bingo caller, who read the numbers so fast! Before our game started the caller explained to us that we didn’t need to check the numbers. You simply touch a button and the computer does all the checking for you. Convenient, but maybe taking away some of the excitement?

Taylor loved the Ghost Train the most, and collecting tickets so see which prizes he could claim at the end of the day!

Overall we had a lovely day out. We didn’t spend a lot and everyone had fun! If you’re looking for something that caters to the whole family, in a location with fantastic venues to visit then head to Blackpool and pop into Coral Island. Don’t forget to try that Brownie bowl!

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