Love your car better: Car servicing & care tips

Do we all give our cars the kind of love it truly deserves? The real answer to this is: not all the time. Life gets challenging and car care is the last thing we think about.

It is a good habit to monitor your vehicle for any repair. A regular monitoring will help you save increased long run expenditure on unexpected car repairs. If you are living in a busy city like London you need to keep your vehicle uptight so that you do not face any car troubles between your drive.


You can follow simple car supervision steps in order to make your automobile more fit to be driven around the city and increase its future resale value.


Monitor your Engine

Starting off by checking the engine of your car can be very effective if you want to save up on car maintenance costs in the long run. Not just this it will help improve your fuel efficiency too.If you think that your engine is showing initial signs of corrosion then you need to get it fixed before it impacts the other parts of the vehicle. Corrosion on the engine can also cause the quality of engine oil to deteriorate with time. Hence it is better to monitor your vehicle for any engine deterioration.

Get your Car Serviced 

At times we tend to get lazy and ignore taking proper care of our vehicles.In such situations it is always better to take your car to a proper service garage where all your required parts will be repaired before you face any serious car trouble later. This will help you save up on your car maintenance expenses and also will later make your car MOT proof when time comes. A proper car servicing regime includes checking car battery, the air filters, the tyre pressures along with their quality and  windshield check to name a few. For an area like London, there are many car servicing centres – operating local in the area. You can check with DAT tyres for booking an appointment for car servicing in London. Alternatively this is their number if you want to call them tel:020 8969 3030


Clean your car 

It is important to note that cleaning your car for any dust or dirt is a good strategy. It can be exterior as well as interior cleaning. If you are washing the exterior part of your vehicle using an anti bacterial detergent and normal tap water will help remove any dangerous bacterias and dust from your car. It will not only be disinfected but also look visually spick and span. Moving to the interior part of your car , you can use a portable vacuum cleaner that may be available in your home used to clean your furniture or sofas. This vacuum will not only help remove dust from car carpets but also clean the seats perfectly hence making your family safe and happy to be in it.


Following the above techniques once a month will help improve your car’s performance along with its fuel efficiency in the long run.

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