Toddler Testing the new Tonka TINYS

The majority of little boys and girls go through a phase of loving trucks, diggers and cars. Since we moved house Little Fox has taken a real interest in diggers. They drive by our house throughout the day building the rest of the estate. And he loves to stand at the window and watch them.

When his new Tonka TINYS toys arrived he was rather excited. Tonka TINYS are a collection of palm sized vehicles for little ones to collect. They come in the option of a trio with the NEW Tonka TINYS Three Packs retailing at £5.99, or surprise blind boxes that look like tiny garages retailing at £2.49

I’m not sure what I was expecting but I didn’t think they would be this TINY. Of course tiny is in the name, but had I realised how small they are I wouldn’t have been giving them to my 2 year old. He however thought they were brilliant.

Aimed at ages 3 and up they are smaller than I’d have liked, I think I would still worry even if he were 3 and have only allowed him to play whilst supervised.

They are surprisingly robust for their petite size. When you take into consideration how rough little ones can be I’m amazed they haven’t broke.

Taylor got particularly excited whilst opening the blind boxes as he wanted to see if he had a fire engine. He did, thank goodness! Imagine the aftermath he didn’t.

There are over 20 Tonka Tiny Vehicles to collect including police pickups, Quarry Dump Trucks and even helicopters and new waves are on the way to extend the fun! There will be playsets and new waves of vehicles added for autumn too.

Overall they’re really fun little vehicles that have provided hours of fun and are perfect for older children. We’ve still been able to have a lot of fun with then although I’d feel more confident if they weren’t small enough to be a choking hazard.

Find out more about Tonka TINYS and where to buy at


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