Stick to traditional play with Stickle Bricks

Stickle bricks have been a firm favourite in our house ever since Taylor received their Big Red Bucket a couple of years ago. Fast forward to now and they’re still going strong. I remember playing with stickle bricks when I was in primary school, the endless possibilities from cars and rockets to houses and horses. You can build it all!

I’m not sure who was more excited when a parcel full of stickle bricks arrived to add to the collection but we’ve all had a lot of fun!

Stickle Bricks sent us the Little builder box, Farm Set and Build it Big Box. Now we’re able to build bigger and better than ever before.

Stickle Bricks are recommended for ages 1.5 and up, although Harriet (8 months) has been loving them too, with supervision and the removal of smaller pieces, she generally sits to one side with a few big pieces and feels involved. Wheres Taylor and I are busy building houses, towers and tractors.

Enabling imaginations to grow and encouraging creativity. Stickle Bricks are colourful, tactile plastic construction toys that can be pushed together and pulled apart easily.

The Stickle Bricks Farm Set comes with everything you need to create a small farm using the lid of the box as your field.

A tractor, animals fences, food and a farmer! Taylor has loved playing farm and acting out the animals talking to one another and eating meals together.

We’ve added bricks from the big builder box into our existing big red bucket alongside the little builder bricks, now we have enough to build an endless amount of Stickle Brick masterpieces.

Its interesting to see how much the way Taylor plays with Stickle Bricks now in comparison to when he first received the Big Red Bucket two years ago. That small boy who built towers on repeat and lop-sided houses. Now we’re building cars, planes, rockets, dinosaurs and more.

His ability to build alone and use his imagination has changed so much in two years yet the enjoyment and fun hasn’t changed in over 2 years.
In a world filled with and abundance of tech from tablets and game consoles to electronic toys it’s nice to see traditional toys like Stickle Bricks still standing their ground.

Where to buy Stickle Bricks

Stickle Bricks are available from national retailers including Argos and Amazon.

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