Sound asleep with The Little Green Sheep

Upon preparing for the arrival of our second child we knew Little Fox would need to upgrade from his cot bed to a big boy bed. Although the baby won’t be needing his old cot for a while, we thought it was best to introduce these changes sooner rather than later.

I didn’t want him feeling like because the baby was here we were taking his things away. But that’s exactly what we’re doing. I’m not about to purchase a second set of nursery furniture when we have a perfectly good one already.

Maybe I read too many articles about firstborns feeling like you’re taking everything away from them once the baby arrives. I don’t know. What I do know is I wanted to give him a new space that’s more grown up and fun. A space that any child, would want to call their own. And that started with his bed. What I hadn’t factored in was his mattress.

When The Little Green Sheep asked if we would like to try one of their natural organic mattresses, I let out a literal sigh of relief.

There I was with 5 boxes piled up that comprised of Little Foxe’s new bed and, let’s blame baby brain. No mattress to allow him to sleep on it. The boxes sat there for a few weeks! So of course, I said yes.

Little Fox spent the first 8 months of his little life on one of their mattresses in his Snuzpod. I already knew that I loved everything they stand for as a brand. Creating safe, natural, sustainable products. The type of products you feel relaxed about letting your precious child sleep on. A mattress that I knew was going to be safe for him, his eczema, his asthma and the environment. Whilst allowing us all to get a good nights sleep.

The mattress we chose is the Natural Junior Mattress in 90×200 EU size, it’s free from toxins and harmful chemicals, breathable and anti-dust mite. Retailing at £299 the mattress is suitable for 12 months to 12 years, they’re also handmade using natural ingredients. Upon reading this I had visions of him sleeping on a pile of hay like the baby Jesus. But the mattress is actually made from cotton, coconuts, natural latex and wool. Impressive!

The Little Green Sheep make mattresses for a range of sizes from Snüzpod to Junior beds and even custom sizes made to order. So if you have a unique bed that needs a high-quality mattress, they can make one for you! You can see the full range at

The mattress is both comfortable and spacious and giving Little Fox room to grow. Mummy is also loving being able to cuddle up in his bed for story time and us both being able to fit, something that wasn’t possible before.

Little Fox has been sleeping soundly on his Little Green Sheep mattress for a few weeks now and appears to be enjoying a comfortable nights sleep. That isn’t to say he doesn’t still wake up and try getting into our bed of a nighttime, but we’re working on that!

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