Review: Paw Patrol Live's Great Pirate Adventure at Manchester Arena

After the success of last year, Paw Patrol LIVE! is back! The pups have climbed onto their tour bus with another show stopper. Having seen Paw Patrol live at Manchester Apollo last year we knew what to expect and couldn’t wait. This year’s show, however, was at the Manchester Arena.

The show itself is pirate themed and followed the pups on a mission to rescue  Captain Turbot from a cavern. Filled with catching songs and dances the show quickly captures the attention of little Paw Patrol fans. Although I’m sure we’re not the only parents who struggled to keep their little pups attention for the entirety of the show. The show lasts for around 1 hour, although it really felt like 2. With a 15 minute intermission, perfect for toilet breaks, nappy changes and snacks, but also difficult to keep children still in a large arena. Navigating the steps with small children was difficult in comparison with the previous years’ venue!

This was also a great opportunity for little eyes to find the merchandise stand, which ranged from around £10-£30. We left with a £12 light-up pirate sword, to keep the peace.

What did we think?

Overall the show was entertaining, it just feels long when you take into consideration the target audience. Taylor is 3.5 and struggled to stay still and avoid a tantrum from being confined to his seat. We also encouraged him to stand and dance when there were songs.

Harriet on the other hand who is 8 months old bobbed about and smiled throughout!

There was plenty of singing and dancing! There were also pirate helpers who were great at dancing and getting the kids excited.  They ran around the audience on the lower level keeping children entertained.

We attended an early 10am Sunday show, 1 of 3 being performed that day. I was surprised to see so many empty seats. This may have been due to the early start time. Getting from our house an hours drive away for the early start wasn’t easy. I imagine the later shows would have been busier.

The show is impressive on the whole, the puppets, the way the pups are controlled and the detail of the choreography are brilliant. It’s fun to watch and perfect for fans of the show. I’d just take into consideration the venue, and your Childs ability to sit still and actually watch something. 

Click here to see where else in the UK has tickets available for the Paw Patrol Live show.

* We received complimentary tickets to review the show, however, all opinions are my own.

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