PJ Masks Lights and Sounds Robot Review

Who goes into the night
So they can save the day?
Who are these heroes
To show you the way?

PJ Masks!

Little Fox has been a fan of PJ Masks for quite some time. When he isn’t whizzing around in his Cat Boy costume he can usually be found playing with the headquarters or carrying one of the figures.

Living with my own 3-year-old version of cat-boy means I’m well versed in all things PJ Masks. So you can imagine our excitement when one of the new characters, PJ Robot, landed on our doorstep.

The PJ Robot Lights and Sound Robot is a robust and sturdy plastic robot. Standing at around 20cm tall and recommended for ages 3-10 years, he’s also simple to operate by simply pushing down his head. With 3 different facial expressions, lights and sounds as he whizzes around the room. He’s enough to keep little ones entertained for quite some time and has been a welcome addition to little Foxes PJ Masks collection.

We made use of our robot downstairs where we have hardwood flooring. I wasn’t sure his small wheels or motor would be enough to push him along on carpet. I was however wrong, he’s capable of whizzing around on Little Foxes bedroom carpet with ease.

He requires 4 AA Batteries, which come included, and a switch on the bottom to turn him on and off. This switch also takes the robot from demo mode to full mode, which I didn’t realise for quite some time. Meaning Little Fox wasn’t getting full use of his new robot! Oops.

Did we like him?

The PJ Robot Lights and Sounds Robot is likely to be popular this Christmas amongst youngsters. As a part of the PJ Masks cast it’s something they will buy into and want to add to their collection.

We did, however, feel that he didn’t do a whole lot, the price  I would say is reasonable for a licensed toy product but the features were a little lacking for me. The simple push of his head is the only way to control the robot, which for ease of use is great, especially as Little Fox is only 3.  For older children, you can’t choose or influence the direction in which he moves or make any decisions when it comes to his actions.

This didn’t stop Little Fox from enjoying him but the novelty did soon start to wear off. Especially when compared to other PJ Masks toys we have that have been played with daily for many months.

The PJ Masks Lights and Sounds robot is priced at £29.99, and is available from Argos and The Entertainer.

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