Peace of mind and safe sleep with Moba

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby can be mentally and physically exhausting. As an expectant mother, It takes over your every thought for the vast majority of the nine months that you spend growing said baby. When we were expecting Little Fox I whiled away the hours looking at all things baby, I loved it!

Planning for the arrival of baby #2 couldn’t have been more different if I tried. OK, so I may have created a Pinterest board of nursery themes but I wasn’t educating myself on everything or frantically running out to buy the entire contents of Mothercare. Not because I wasn’t feeling insanely excited, but because we already had everything. We kept it all. From the car seat to socks, chances are albeit a little grubby it was in our garage. Our baby girl has some pretty awesome Dinosaur vests that I’m sure she will rock!

What I hadn’t anticipated is where I was going to put the baby downstairs… Where would I lay her down? Fox had a Snuzpod in our bedroom as a baby (Which is now used by Dolly) and we never had any kind of Moses basket or downstairs bed for him. We didn’t need it, he used to lay on his play mat or in the poddle pod. But he didn’t have a 3-year-old sibling poking him in the face at every opportunity or joining him on said play mat like it was a WWE ring.

In my relaxed pre-baby state I hadn’t anticipated any of this. It hadn’t occurred to me at all until we were 3 weeks into having her at home with us that this was a problem.

The constant feeling of being on edge whenever she was on the play mat. Walking around with her in my arms like she might break if I put her down anywhere. It was enough to drive even the most relaxed of new mums to the brink. In a bid to solve the problem we welcomed the Moba basket into our lives.

Little Fox never had a Moses basket, because I never liked the look of them. And I wasn’t about to get one now. That was until we were introduced to Moba.

The Moba basket is a contemporary take on the traditional Moses basket. It’s my kind of Moses basket.  When I first saw then I was instantly taken by its modern appearance.

Made from anti-microbial & hypo-allergenic plastic the Moba basket is easy to clean, doesn’t make any noise and looks great! The white waffle lining can be easily removed and then it can be completely wiped down, something that can’t be done with a more traditional wicker basket. A great feature considering how much milk our reflux baby likes to give back to us.

With a choice of colours from vibrant red to pretty pastels, you can match it to your home. Ours is the new blush colour. I know, stereotypically I chose pink for a girl, but it’s not an in your face pink. It’s soft, subtle, and looks great in our grey and white living room.

The Moba also has ventilation holes all the way around the sides and base adding not only to the look of the basket but also the ventilation needed for safe sleep. Recommended and used by midwives and healthcare professionals and working in partnership with the lullaby trust the Moba basket is approved for safe sleep and certainly gets my seal of approval. We lay Dolly on her back, feet to foot in the basket which means her feet are always at the bottom so she isn’t at risk of slipping down under her blanket.

I’m always wary safety when it comes to the products I use for my children. If a sleep aid isn’t approved for safe overnight sleep then I won’t use it overnight. If it isn’t hygienic or safe, I won’t use it. If anything about a baby product leaves me feeling too anxious to leave my baby alone in it, then I won’t use it. As a parent, I want peace of mind, and the Moba gives me this.

With a 100% cotton waffle liner and luxury Moba mattress it’s a safe place for our little lady to sleep throughout the day without me worrying. I find myself moving it around the house throughout the day because it’s so lightweight and has built-in handles. This means there is no need to disturb a sleeping baby, who would want to do that?

The Moba basket retails at £99 with the liner and mattress, you can also get the matching stand for an additional £40 and fitted sheets for £9 in the Moba shop.

We were sent the Moba basket for the purpose of this review, we did, however, purchase the matching rocking Moba stand to use alongside it.

The basket alone can be used without the stand but I wanted to place it up off of the ground, safe from stomping toddler feet! The Moba can fit onto alternative stands but for the best fit, I’d opt for the Moba stand. The stand is a beautiful sturdy white wood in a sleek and stylish shape designed to hold the Moba basket securely.

Overall the Moba is a stylish, safe, and hygienic place for babies to sleep. Perfect for moving from room to room. Dolly loves it and so do we!

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