The Nosiboo babycare nasal aspirator

One of the many things parents dread is a congested baby, why? Because a congested baby is an unhappy baby. A baby who can’t eat properly, can’t sleep and is generally grumpy. In turn this means you don’t sleep and are also grumpy.

Having spent the best part of an hour sitting in a steamy en-suite with a grumpy baby, trying to soften the mucus on their chest, and help clear their airways. The last thing you want to do is start manually sucking it out of them with what is effectively a straw with a filter. But you will. Nobody tells you about nasal aspirators before you become a parent.


It’s not until you have a baby full of snot that you find yourself trawling the internet for ways to ease it for them. They’re one of those products you’ve never seen before but soon learn about!

Manual aspirators, although good, aren’t great. If you want to know how out of shape you are then try clearing a little nose with a manual aspirator. I can guarantee you’ll be gasping for air before you’ve achieved anything.


The Nosiboo babycare nasal aspirator is an electric aspirator. A lot like a hoover but for your child’s nose. Just not quite as extreme as putting the Dyson on your newborns nose.

Nosiboo describe their product as “The child-friendly nasal aspirator for the prevention of drug therapies. Nosiboo is an electric, premium medical device with the help of which the stagnating nasal mucus can be removed effortlessly, quickly and effectively.”


We like to refer to it as the ‘nose hoover’ OR ‘snot sucker’.  I also think it suits the name ‘nosibear’ due to it’s ear shaped handles and bear like features. The friendly exterior looks welcoming and cute which I think aids in encouraging little ones to use it.

One thing I always am with everything we share with you is honest, so that’s what I’m going to be here. The nosiboo claims to be quiet and In our experience it has been rather loud. This hasn’t deterred us in any way fromit’s performance or abilities but it did cause Taylor a fright initially and did have him refusing to go near it. I was surprised by this as he finds the hairdryer and hoover to be funny.


As a result of this I decided to leave it in the room so he could get used it in his own time. Sitting it near his toys he soon realised it wasn’t going to hurt him and It wasn’t long before he was carrying it around and trying it out on himself and his soft toys.

The only down side to this one issue is I couldn’t get away with using it if he were asleep. However, it is advised baby is in an upright position when the product is in use so I imagine you should only be using it when they are awake anyway.

If  introduced from a young age I can’t see a child having any issues with it.


From experience of Taylor having bronchiolitis as a newborn and spending a lot of time dealing with a congested baby I’ve found the Nosiboo to be a life saver. As somebody who exclusively breastfed it would have been amazing in those early days when he couldn’t latch due to congestion.

Overall the Nosiboo far outweighs the performance of any manual aspirator I’ve tested, it does the job it’s intended to do and with ease. Taylor was recently full of cold and the nosiboo combined with our Vicks humidifier  and Pacif-i Thermometer had him sleeping through as normal. It’s simple to operate with one button on the top which doubles as a dial to select the power. The nossal also opens int three separate pieces for easy cleaning.


Most children don’t develop the ability to blow their nose until around 5 years of age so at 16 months old we’re still going to get plenty of use from this product. I’d have loved one from the start!

Have you got any favourite baby products you wished you’d had from the beginning but didn’t discover til later on? I find this happens to me a lot.

The Nosiboo retails for £115 and is available in blue, pink or green. It can be purchased from Amazon. You can read more about Nosiboo at

e were sent this product for the purpose of this review, all opinions are honest and my own.
  • Zoë Forde

    This is such a clever little invention! I can really see how practical it is, and how much easy it makes care for a sick baby.x

  • This is so clever! What a great thing to have. There is nothing worse than a snotty, stuffed up baby. I hope your little one is better now x

  • Joanna

    This is such a good idea. I feel so sorry for little ones when they are snotty and stuffed up.
    Blake gets colds an awful lot at the moment.

  • Rebecca U

    wow this is clever. It is the worst when little ones are full of cold – mine just hate having their nose wiped, so this would be useful. Cute pics x

  • Susanne Remic

    Oh this actually looks really great. We had one of these with Elsie but actually once we stopped the diary her congestion was only a problem when she had a cold. When they’re so little its hard for them being bunged up, poor things! xx

  • Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    This looks great, I wish we’d had one of these when my guys were little. It was such a relief once they all learned to blow their nose!

  • We had a manual aspirator when P3 was a baby and it really helped. She was always so bunged up when she had a cold. I love the idea that this one is electric!

  • Living On A Budget

    ooh this looks great! I could have really done with one of these when Harry was younger. I had a cheapy and it was useless ended up have to suck it up myself haha! Gross i know!! xx

  • Stephanie Oakes

    We have a manual one and I actually love sucking it all out, weird i know, although Phoebs HATES it! This looks fab though and much less effort which is a bonus! x

  • Kate Fever

    Oh these photos are just adorable! Love them!
    Nasal aspirators are a really clever idea, especially when you have a baby who is all bunged up! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  • Tanita Taylor

    I have never seen anything like this, I can see why some parents would absolutely love this. It is not nice at all seeing your little one snuffly and not being able to help xx

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