Holy Smokes Batman!

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na


You may not be aware but Saturday was National Batman Day, that’s a n actual thing. Batman is so cool he requires his own day. Although this year Harley Quinn has been attempting to swoop in a steal his thunder to celebrate her 25th anniversary, cheeky Harley!

To celebrate this occasion Little Fox was sent the DC Super Friends Interactive Power Punch Batman. An interactive soft toy.

Batman is fully poseable with light up eyes and his fist makes cool punching noises on impact. Endless fun for a Little fox who likes to act out fight scenes with him!

Amongst his signature phrases Batman speaks of protecting Gotham City “The joker doesn’t take anything seriously”, “I know my city inside out, every corner of every dark alley”, and “Are you ready to protect Gotham city with me?” are a few of his catch phrases.

Little Fox has been swooping him around the house saving us all from the ‘bad guys’.

With no detachable parts this Batman is a toddler friendly plush toy perfect for those younger Batman fans. We usually find toys themed around our favourite super heroes to be aimed at an older audience so it’s refreshing to find something our little Batman fan can safely enjoy!

Retailing at £26.99 from Argos and other leading retailers he’s a friendly neighbourhood superhero you won’t mind having in your home.

Although pricey overall he’s great fun and the quality is better than most soft toys he’s very robust and feels so soft. Certainly something worth considering this Christmas!


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