Eco Friendly Fun with The Go Green Playhouse from Little Tikes

Sitting at the back of my new kitchen is a house. A 4ft Little Tikes playhouse *. What was Santa Clause thinking? I’m pretty sure he was thinking this is an amazing idea and they’ll have so much fun! Because we have. It has undoubtably been fun.

And it may not be a conventional location for a playhouse, but the pros of having it in my kitchen certainly outweigh the cons in winter.

Growing up I always wanted a playhouse. I still remember friends all having the same Little Tikes house, you know the one. It was pink and yellow with mint green shutters and a telephone. Oh yes, I had house envy.

It may be winter outside but that hasn’t stopped us enjoying the Go-Green Playhouse from Little Tikes. An eco house of fun, learning and adventure. Boasting more features than your average playhouse, you’ll want to move in yourself. This particular house is unlike any I’ve seen before.

Features Include:

  • Recycling centre with removable bins
  • Water reservoir leading to a rain barrel
  • Letter box
  • Solar powered light
  • Skylight
  • Dutch door and doorbell
  • Small roof section, can be filled with soil to grow grass (like a green roof)
  • Planting box where kids can really grow flowers and vegetables
  • Real working sink
  • Comes with activity booklet. Box can be used for several upcycled projects
  • Accessories include:
    • 1-Shovel
    • 1-Hand “rake”
    • 1-Play phone
    • 1-Watering can

As a result of the cold weather we decided to build the playhouse indoors. Waiting for summer would just be mean. Our kitchen may be occupied by a 4ft plastic house right now but the endless hours of play and smiles are worth it.

I first saw the Go Green Playhouse whilst judging the Progressive Preschool awards last summer. It was a favourite of mine for many reasons. The design, the quality, the endless possibilities of role play for little ones. I loved everything about it.

With built in recycling baskets, a solar powered light and a working water system it’s certainly not your average garden toy. It’s educational, it’s fun and it looks fantastic.

Taking just under an hour to build, some drilling, tutting, and head shaking required. I was surprised by how soon the house was ready for Little Fox to play in.

Although being an impatient toddler he also decided to clamber inside mid-build. The excitement must have been too much for him! The house came flat pack in a rather large box but was said to be “easy enough” to build by the 3 men who did it at 8:00pm on Christmas.

Once built the House looked great, although it’s currently indoors it’s going to look brilliant in our garden this summer.

Little Fox took to his new house immediately, placing his favourite toys inside and playing games.

I’ve been able to sit back and observe him having lengthy phone conversations leaning over the kitchen sink and washing dishes. All whilst I enjoy a hot cup of tea. Another perk to having a toy that encourages independent play time.

Our favourite game is peepo and the letterbox is perfect for this. You’re guaranteed a smile if you pop your face through the letter box or ring the realistic door bell. I have been called into the playhouse on many occasions “come on mummy, come on” he will say.

The fact that myself and Little Fox both fit, at a squeeze, guarantees a few little ones can happily play in there together with room to breathe. We’ve had a friend over to play already and they had a fantastic time running in and out of the house together.

Much to The Mans dismay, I have visions of us having a Little Tikes garden as the little one grows and sun begins to shine. A garden our children can spend summer days in playing together. Note I say children, we can’t have all the toys and only one child. Where’s the fun in that? All in good time I suppose.

Little tikes really have thought of everything when it comes to this house and we shall be enjoying it for many years to come. It’s an investment you can see still being there when your grandchildren come to visit who’ll play in it just like their Daddy did. Can you even imagine that –  The thought of my baby having a baby is bizarre, and a ridiculously long time off!

Once the weather warms up we’ll be able to plant flowers in the garden of the house and water them using the rain barrel, recycle to our hearts content and play peepo all day long. To do this playhouse justice in just a few words is impossible, but the smile on our little ones face say’s it all.

I also can’t wait to put it in the garden for a summer of endless fun. The Go Green Playhouse retails for £249.99, but is currently in the 20% off deal at 

*The day after writing this we had one amazing sunny day, the first of the year, and I took the opportunity to take it into the garden and get some snaps of it in it’s intended environment! I can’t imagine it’s going to last, it’s already raining, so it will be back in the kitchen soon 😂
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