Create lasting memories with Baby Art

As a parent, I wish I could capture every moment with my children. We’re lucky we don’t have a limit on how many pictures we can take of them. Gone are the days of sending off rolls of film and waiting weeks to see if any of the pictures came out ok. For us, It’s instant. We may have the ability to take pictures and film moments but it’s still not the same as it was in the moment, being there.

I thought time passed me by when Fox was a baby, I still can’t believe he is 3. And the past 4 months with Dolly have whizzed on by. Looking after two gives you little time to sit around soaking them in, which is sad. But I’ll never forget these moments.

I’ll also have keepsakes of these days. The days where her hand was so small she could hold my entire pinky within it.

We did similar with Fox as a baby and decided to do the same again. Using Baby Art we’ve created a few keepsakes of her tiny hands and feet that we can look back on for years to come.

From Christmas baubles, to casting those tiny hands and feet. Parents can hold on to these moments for a lifetime.

Baby Art Tiny Touch

I’ve used the Tiny Touch kit to create a lasting impression of Dolly’s foot that we can treasure for years to come and look back on. With her footprint on one side and a photograph on the other, it’s a beautiful keepsake of those days that have already passed us by.

The Tiny Touch kit was really easy to use. It did, however, require two hands so I couldn’t photograph it as I went along.

What’s in the box?

The kit comes with a pack of dough which air dries, a wooden rolling pin and the photo frame. You can simply rolling out the dough, pressing baby’s foot into it and leaving to air dry. Now we have a cute memento of her tiny “toe toes” as her big brother would say.

Next, we’ll be trying the Little Steps kit to create a clay mould of her little feet as she learns to walk! Baby Art has a selection of great kits to make your own DIY baby keepsakes and personalised gift. We can’t wait to try more.

If you’re looking to create keepsakes from pregnancy, birth, and beyond Baby Art has something for everyone and makes a great gift for those who are expecting.

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